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The world won't be safe until terrorists are stripped of their weapons

Readers discuss terrorism, road safety, the El Dorado cinema and more

Ismailia governor Yassin Taher visits victims of the attack that targeted the Rawda mosque near El Arish, North Sinai's provincial capital. AFP
Ismailia governor Yassin Taher visits victims of the attack that targeted the Rawda mosque near El Arish, North Sinai's provincial capital. AFP

Friday's attack on a mosque in Egypt's Sinai region was indeed shocking and deplorable (North Sinai mosque attack claims 305, November 26). Such horrific scenes of carnage remind us once again that we are living in an unsafe world. Despite the fact that the Egyptian military has good defence capabilities, hundreds were dead within hours, and during Friday prayers at that. If the world is not united in the fight against terror, does it come as any surprise that such massacres continue to claim innocent lives? It is all the more saddening that this attack took place on the soil of a historically rich country. As long as these terror groups continue to get hold of weapons, it will be difficult to stop such attacks.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Egypt's most deadly attack to date garnered an emergency government meeting and more troops. However, what does this do for an already ailing tourism industry and long-term security? As always, civilians and government servants are the first to get caught in the crossfire. The military strikes on targets was a sound decision but should only be the beginning of a long quest for justice.

K Ragavan, India

El Dorado evokes an aching sense of nostalgia

I refer to your article Abu Dhabi institution El Dorado to close its doors after 47 years (November 24). Sad to hear it is closing. I remember watching many movies in this cinema. It evokes such a sense of nostalgia for me.

Nava Rajah, Abu Dhabi

Why was the Mumbai attack 'mastermind' never tried?

Your article Pakistan releases Mumbai attack 'mastermind' (November 24) was a shocking read. Hafiz Saeed was accused of being behind the deaths of many innocent people in the 2008 attack and still managed to walk away without being tried. The fact that he was never prosecuted despite all the allegations against him and pressure from the United States is deplorable. A sad state of affairs.

Name withheld by request

Someone must be held responsible for all this regional destruction

In reference to your article Israel raid on Raqqa led to ban on laptops on airplanes (November 24), the United States and Russia are good countries in the eyes of many in the world but what about the fact that they destroyed Syria and the lives of millions?

Zakir Hossain, Bangladesh

How hard is it to strap children into their seats?

In reference to your video WATCH: Impact 'sledge' shocks UAE drivers into wearing seatbelts (November 23), it's about time somebody pointed out the obvious. It's sad to say that some parents recklessly put the lives of their children in danger by failing to buckle them into their seats. Children can't save themselves, can they?

Dave Bradley, Dubai

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