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The US should tighten security measures at home

Readers weigh in on cholera prevention, India's farming practices and more

Cement barricades were placed along New York's West Side Highway bike path after the attack. AFP
Cement barricades were placed along New York's West Side Highway bike path after the attack. AFP

In reference to your story Trump threatens to end green card lottery after fatal truck attack (November 2), the United States has witnessed many terror attacks in recent months. Given that the country has taken the fight against terrorism to a global level, it should be ready for such attacks and tighten security measures at home. Furthermore, the attacker said he did this in the name of ISIL but claims of co-ordination with group masterminds must be verified and substantiated, as this tyrannical group does not deserve any overstatement of their power to wreak destruction.

K Ragavan, India

Clinical facilities must be retained in Yemen

I refer to your article Big fall in cholera cases in Yemen (November 2). In my opinion, it is not a good idea for aid organisations to reduce the number of clinical facilities in the country just because the disease is said to be on the decline. The conflict has severely impacted children, especially newborns.

It will take several years for the country to recover, so retaining and improving health facilities should remain top priority. As the article states, in the absence of effective, preventative measures within the country, fresh cases of cholera may arise.

Health facilities should be more focused on prevention, especially since they have treated critical cases and therefore know what warning signs to look out for. Regular monitoring at existing facilities with the help of overseas teams would be helpful.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

After all these years, Iran remains as defiant as ever

In response to your article Iran's empty chair at Abu Dhabi summit on peaceful nuclear power (October 30), it dumbfounds me that Iran still does not show any willingness to come forth and discuss issues that could soon see it penalised once again.

Michael Caine, Abu Dhabi

Mohammed Assaf remains a superstar

I refer to your story Spotted: Mohammed Assaf and Massari enjoying the best of Dubai (October 29). It was a great atmosphere at the concert last week. We fervently await the release of the duet and are so proud of the amazing Mohammed Assaf and his achievements.

Najd Turki Khalid, Saudi Arabia

Effects of India's burning fields linger long after the flames are doused

In reference to the article Autumn still brings the choking smoke of burning crops to Delhi (November 1), the Indian capital already suffers from exorbitant levels of air pollution from the sheer number of vehicles on the road across the country. By deliberately setting fire to acres of stubble to get the land ready for wheat-harvesting, farmers are putting millions at risk. As winds blow in from the country's north-west region, the lingering effects of this smoke plague the city and increase the likelihood of lung conditions among residents. What is all the more ironic is that more viable crops have been destroyed this autumn than during any other season. Will New Delhi authorities crack down on this practice of ignorance?

Name withheld by request

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