Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 19 February 2019

The survey says: restaurants

We asked 3,699 Task Spotting users in the UAE for their opinion about restaurants in the UAE. Here are the results

A recent story in our Arts & Life section considered the reasons why certain restaurants become our favourites. The piece discussed changing consumer tastes and the fact that many restaurant goers want an “experience” when they dine out. They don’t simply book a table at a particular outlet for the quality of the food.

Daousser Chennoufi, the chief executive of Dubai-based Draw Link Group, which has designed the interiors of several notable new restaurants in Dubai told The National that comfort, colour, layout and ambience are critical elements that go into any new restaurant design as they directly influence a diner’s experience.

We put this theory to the test with 3,699 TaskSpotting users asking them about what makes one restaurant better than another. TaskSpotting describes itself as the region’s only advocate marketing platform and pitches our questions to its app community who typically engage with brands to create content, spread awareness and share feedback.

Only 30 per cent of diners would go back to a restaurant if the food was good but the experience was poor. Most believe ambience play a huge part in where they choose to eat. Food for thought for all restaurateurs.

Updated: November 9, 2016 04:00 AM