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The irony of refugee movement today versus back then

Readers discuss network providers, geckos, refugee trends and more

The refugee movement in Europe was rampant well into the 20th century. Getty Images
The refugee movement in Europe was rampant well into the 20th century. Getty Images

I refer to your article, Sweden turns down 106-year-old Afghan woman's asylum request (September 4). Funny how India, Iraq, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States and South America all accepted millions of illegal immigrants in the colonial era, all of them from Western Europe, yet now, they don't like it happening to them. It's just a modern form of colonisation.

Sammie Wai, Dubai

Will Virgin Mobile prove a run for our money?

In reference to your article, Virgin Mobile launches mobile services in the UAE (September 5), if I read your article correctly, this new company is owned by the owners of du and has nothing to do with the original Virgin company founded by Richard Branson. I am happy to say that I have been a satisfied Etisalat customer for 22 years.

Tanya Milbourne, Abu Dhabi

Does anybody know if it is more expensive than the existing two telecommunication providers? What about customer service? If they are even slightly better than du or Etisalat, I'll be tempted to jump across.

Gaz Watson, Dubai

Virgin Mobile is cheaper and offers great customer service. We switched a few months back. It's Virgin Mobile all the way for us.

Jeff Gray, Dubai

Terrorists always strive to wreak havoc

In reference to your article, Boko Haram killings double as extremists increase use of suicide bombers (September 5), terrorists have one agenda and one agenda alone and that is to kill innocent people.

Tonny Majax, Abu Dhabi

More than one reason for car accidents

In reference to your article, More than 700 Eid accidents in Dubai but only one in Sharjah (September 4), using mobile phones and applying makeup while driving also add to mounting accident rates. It's not just people changing lanes without warning.

Vijay Ramburuth, Dubai

Geckos are nothing new to the region

I refer to your article, Tiny gecko discovered in Hajar mountains (September 3). I believe this species of gecko has lived in these mountains for centuries and hides well, hence why it has only just been discovered.

Real Saif Saed, Dubai

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