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Sterilising an entire population is a human rights breach

Readers discuss compassion, refugees, visas and more

The Rohingya have the right to choose whether or not they want to become sterile, says one reader. Reuters
The Rohingya have the right to choose whether or not they want to become sterile, says one reader. Reuters

The article, Bangladesh eyes sterilisation to curb Rohingya population, was shocking to read (October 28). This is a decision to be made solely by the individual, not by any state enforcing it on an entire people. The bigger issue for the international community should be why they remain refugees at all.

Casey Corley, Abu Dhabi

Health insurance is mandatory, isn't it?

Your article, Debt nightmare after urgent surgery, was moving to read (October 28). As always, a great initiative by The National. Please continue to share news of distressed individuals in need of medical assistance and ways to help them.

Robert Castro, Dubai

What’s the name of the cleaning company she works for? They should be boycotted until they offer decent wages and health insurance to their employees. Can you please provide more information on how we can send money to this lady?

Linda Brahmi, Dubai

Why is she uninsured? By law, she has to be provided with medical insurance. This was made mandatory.

Khurram Qureshi, Dubai

Visas are taking longer because of the growing population

I refer to your article, Sharp rise in Dubai visa overstays (October 30). Visas are taking far longer to process when changing jobs with the growing population. Also, many people are changing jobs far more regularly than in the past. Authorities could go back to the three-month grace period to allow for the long administrative tasks, be it the processing of labour cards, medical cards, blood tests or the visas themselves. The upside is: our country is growing.

Tanya Milbourne, Abu Dhabi

Etihad internet services are always improving

In reference to your article, Superfast internet service coming to Etihad flights (Oct 30), we can already access Facebook and other websites on Etihad flights and the connection, which is paid for by credit card, is quite fast.

Brigitte Tibet von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

The richest man on the planet ... and apparently the most generous

I refer to your article, Bezos dethrones Gates as world's richest person (October 28). This may have temporarily been the case because Bill Gates has donated a considerable portion of his wealth to philanthropic causes.

Michael Caine, Abu Dhabi

Australian politics in need of a revamp

Finally, some sense in an increasingly nonsensical world (Australian deputy PM disqualified over dual citizenship, October 27). The current Australian government leaves much to be desired on many fronts, including global warming policies. Australia went down from being well governed (under Howard, for instance) to very mediocre with mediocre politicians, if you ask me.

Name withheld by request

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