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Sheikh Zayed was greatness personified

Readers express their love and admiration for Sheikh Zayed. Other topics: Dr Robert Black, harassment, school buses, Flag Day
Readers express their gratitude and admiration for Sheikh Zayed . Courtesy Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamed Al Hamed
Readers express their gratitude and admiration for Sheikh Zayed . Courtesy Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamed Al Hamed

I had the opportunity to meet Sheikh Zayed once (How Zayed’s legacy endures, November 2). He was one of the best leaders the world has ever known.

Mihaela Soar, Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed was not only a visionary, he was most humble and kind-hearted. We are in this country because of him.

Niyaz Nazir, Dubai

Sheikh Zayed was big-hearted and generous. In fact, he was greatness personified. We are all proud of him.

Phattarita Phattarathanatnont, Abu Dhabi

Visitors should observe rules

Regarding the news American, 70, ‘held for taking photos in restricted area’ (November 3), I would like to point out that restricted areas are well marked. Military areas, government areas and embassies are restricted, and signs clearly state as much. It is troublesome to me that people violate laws of countries they visit and then expect intervention from their home country. The UAE is one of the most welcoming countries. It asks little more than respect from visitors.

Larisa Miller, Abu Dhabi

What is concerning to me is that this could have happened to many of us. The only restrictions I have seen are in the embassy area, which is understandable. Are there signs posted in this restricted area? How does one know for future reference where tourists can take photos?

Bridgette Whisenand, Abu Dhabi

I know many who have taken pictures of Sheikh Zayed mosque, including myself. Dr Robert Black must have gone too far.

Dolores Basilio, Abu Dhabi

Harassment not on the rise

Sexual harassment is not on the rise, it’s just that it is being reported more (When a blocked road turns into vile harassment, November 3). But I know women who have been stopped for exchanging phone numbers.

Katie Marie, Abu Dhabi

How many times do you ladies get harassed here? I have never been a victim of harassment. So I do not support this view

Nath Jaddoo, Abu Dhabi

Being stared at by groups of men isn’t really pleasant. Any action that makes women feel uncomfortable or threatened shouldn’t be condoned.

Christina Murphy, Abu Dhabi

School buses must be tamed

I am relieved to know that road accident rates in Abu Dhabi have fallen (Deaths on roads decline by 17 per cent, November 2).

However, when I look at the way some drivers behave, I cannot believe that we have made any significant achievement in terms of road safety awareness.

For example, I regularly see school buses speeding through Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Street, Corniche Road and through the narrow lanes of Madinat Zayed. I see them being driven recklessly almost everywhere in the city.

Are these drivers not bothered about the safety of children, that of their own and other road users? Are they not even afraid of punishment?

More importantly, there is no way to alert the bus owners about such dangerous behaviour as none of them carries the “Am I driving safely?” sticker. This issue needs to be addressed urgently.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Fortunate to be a UAE resident

In reference to your editorial Raise it high in the sky (November 2), I am proud to be a resident of this great country, whose leaders I love and admire. The people are wonderful too.

Myriam Fakhreddine, Dubai

I am proud to be living in this country, which gives me safety, freedom and a clean environment.

Samar Darwish, Abu Dhabi

We hoisted a flag yesterday. We respect the UAE and pray that it always stands out in terms of safety, security and justice.

Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

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