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Proposed theme park is already popular

A reader looks forward to Dubai's newest theme park. Other topics: a school closure, domestic staff, rents and jaywalking.
A reader welcomes the proposed Motiongate theme park. (Courtesy Dubai Parks and Resorts)
A reader welcomes the proposed Motiongate theme park. (Courtesy Dubai Parks and Resorts)

I was pleased to read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? It will be at Dubai theme park ­(October 20).

I can’t wait until the Motiongate theme park is built and opened.

Mohammed Zahir, Saudi Arabia

A good call by Adec

I am writing about School in bus death tragedy to be closed (October 21).

It was a bold decision by the Abu Dhabi Education Council to shut down the school. I hope this will be an eye-opener to other educational institutions.

All schools should be under constant, strict surveillance, not just once a year.

Maya Anandam, Dubai

I think this was a very good ­decision.

Muzamil Mohammed, Sharjah

It would have been better to identify the person or persons responsible for the school’s problems rather than close the school and create panic for the students, parents, teachers and other staff.

Ayyathan Radhakrishnan, India

Americans need local knowledge

James Zogby’s opinion article, America needs to know its enemies – and its friends (October 19), is instructive.

It is an unfortunate fact that all the wars the US has engaged in recently have been in the Middle East.

This has created a certain fear among Americans. It seems to them that the war never ends – it just moves from one part of the Middle East to another – and peace never happens.

Every time the Americans fight here, they create new enemies. It’s now time for them to understand the opinions of people who live in this part of the world.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Big phone takes a lot of charging

I refer to your review of the new Samsung Galaxy mobile phone (Note 4 a step up for phablets, October 21).

I have one of these devices and its greatest asset – the large screen – is also its worst enemy because it drains the phone’s power supply.

The battery runs out after three hours. Name withheld by request

Rent examples cause concern

Your online picture gallery, Where Dubai rents have risen and fallen Q3 2014 (October 20) just makes me feel bad.

It appears that I’m paying way above the average for my place.

AD Spida, Dubai

Jaywalking on the increase

I would like to bring readers’ attention to the fact that jaywalking has increased on the streets of Abu Dhabi – especially along Sheikh Zayed the First Street (formerly Electra Road).

I find driving in the evening quite dangerous, because people of all ages cross the road at will. I don’t know why they do this without any consideration for their own lives, but I do know that a lack of fencing is allowing them to do it.

I believe the distance between the pedestrian crossings is too far, so people take the easy option. I also think that some people avoid using the underpass because they feel unsafe doing so.

There should be an official campaign to fine people who jaywalk, and this fine should be increased if the person is talking on a mobile phone or listening to music through earphones.

I would like to see fencing along the median strip and signage to indicate the location of the underpass.

Let’s work together to make safety a priority.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

I loved Khalid Al Ameri’s opinion article, We are too reliant on maids ... and that has to change (October 15).

I have been through the experience of having live-in domestic staff. However, I currently use part-time helpers from an agency to clean the house, and I am very happy with the service they offer.

Maissa Terkawi, Dubai

When my children were young, I always had a helper to clean the house while I took care of the children.

I ended the day tired, but I saw it as my role. I am their mother.

Odette Lopez, Abu Dhabi

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