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Noise levels in some Dubai residential areas are becoming unbearable

Readers discuss Pakistan tensions, etiquette and more

The Dubai Marina. Pawan Singh / The National
The Dubai Marina. Pawan Singh / The National

I’m all for people enjoying themselves. I have nothing against music and concerts, even outdoors. But what I don't understand is why such activities have to be held in residential areas. We are forced to listen to the parties in Dubai's Jumeirah Beach Residence and the Dubai Marina whether we want to or not. This is not the way to make tenants happy. Hard-working people look forward to the weekend to rest. Instead, we are routinely punished with high-pitched live music and drums on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. This is not an isolated incident. All kinds of noisy activities are becoming a regular occurrence every weekend. Don’t we have enough with the accelerating cars and motorbikes that interrupt our sleep late at night?

Name withheld by request

Who gets charged for gloves during treatment?

In reference to your article Outrage in India over massive hospital bill (November 26), the bill that the patient was handed for a simple case of dengue fever was outrageous indeed. Their complaint to the Indian health ministry was fully justified. It is high time the government mitigate the cost factor at private hospitals as well. The health ministry should definitely investigate this very strange incident. I mean, who gets charged for thousands of pairs of gloves?

K Ragavan, India

Pakistani minister should not have rocked the boat

I refer to your article Pakistan protests have exposed long-standing sectarian fault lines (November 27). Amid the instability that has gripped Pakistan, I would like to very humbly ask my fellow countrymen: was there anything that you could have personally done to avert the carnage?

Law minister Zaid Hamid's decision to change the wording of a government oath invoking the Prophet Mohammed was a catalyst to the current crisis. Given the highly sensitive and volatile nature of religious incidents in Pakistan’s culture, it was reckless of a minister to tamper with a technicality, apparently with the sole aim of ascertaining political clout, especially in tense times.

Whether an administrative error or a premeditated effort, the onus is on senior officials to concede for the sake of national interest. Had he allowed investigations to go ahead, we would not be in a countrywide standoff. I do believe that it was, indeed, political greed that made him rock the boat. Many lives would have been saved had he stepped down, but alas, stubbornness has led to death, destruction and chaos.

I would have hoped that he would choose his people first, but by failing to act promptly to quell the anger, he chose his own interests. The only way to calm this storm is through diplomacy, not through the use of military force.

Bilal Farooq, Abu Dhabi

Can people keep their smoke to themselves?

In reference to your video, Pink brings F1 to a close with a rocking show at du Arena (November 26), while the concert was amazing, I just have one complaint, which is that people are still allowed to smoke among large crowds. In fact, there was a group of women in front of me who chain-smoked through the whole concert and it was blowing right in the faces of at least 10 people stood around me. It would be great if smokers were more considerate of the fact that people are stood at close quarters.

Phil Perrin, Abu Dhabi

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