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No one cares if there is false alarm

A reader calls for compliance of fire-safety regulations at residential buildings. Other topics: petrol stations, driving, insurance

A reader says ignorance about fire-safety measures in buildings can result in disasters. Delores Johnson / The National
A reader says ignorance about fire-safety measures in buildings can result in disasters. Delores Johnson / The National

I live in a complex where I frequently hear false alarms (Fire safety warning on apartment buildings, August 19). The security personnel simply switch off the alarm and do not investigate the reason behind the problem in the system. I worry that one of these days there will be a genuine reason and it will all be too late.

Clare L’Estrange, Abu Dhabi

Petrol station employees need shaded areas

Driving between Abu Dhabi and Dubai regularly, I have noticed that many petrol stations lack shade in the areas where diesel and special fuels are served. This is a cause for concern as the staff have to work all day under the open sky. I am sure their problems do not end at night, or even during the winter.

I request the fuel company to consider installing shades over all serving points at every fuel station.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

UAE can deny entry to anyone

I refer to the news item World’s most pierced man claims he was denied entry into UAE (August 18). Rolf Buchholz, the world’s most pierced man, claims he was denied entry into the UAE because of his extreme facial jewellery and suspicion he was involved in “black magic”. Customs and immigration are the last gatekeepers and have full authority to refuse entry to anyone, if they have reason to believe that the person poses some type of security risk.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

I never heard about Rolf Buchholz before. Now I know him as he has got publicity through the media. But what’s the big deal if he has been denied entry into the UAE?

Zuhur Kebire, Dubai

It’s simple: when you travel to a country, you need to respect its culture and people. This man’s looks are clearly offensive to the local people. For those talking about judging people by their looks, let’s see an Arab with a long beard going through an European airport without being thoroughly checked. I think the Dubai authorities did a great job by denying him entry.

Nadeem Mansour, Dubai

Dangerous road behaviour

I am writing this letter for the sake of those who have to face harassment on the road. I was driving this weekend from Abu Dhabi to Dubai when a 4-wheel-drive vehicle came behind me flashing. With cars in front and next to me, I was unable to move. After a few seconds I realised he had overtaken me from the yellow line. I moved away from the fast track but he again came behind me and started flashing. After a while, he came in front of me and braked, compelling me to stop in the middle of the highway.

Realising the danger, I called 999 for help. But they told me to come to the police station, saying that they could not locate my position, even though I told them clearly.

Anyhow, I managed to park my car on the side of the highway and ran. A gentleman saw me and came to my rescue. He drove me to the police station. After sitting for about 30 minutes and narrating the incident to three police personnel, all I got to hear was, “What do you want?” They never tried to call the culprit, even though I gave them the car-plate number. This is a sad incident for me in a country where I have spent 10 years and which I call home.

I hope the authorities will look into this issue and take appropriate action against the errant driver.

Sheetal More, Abu Dhabi

Workers deserve insurance

Providing medical insurance should be part and parcel of a company’s HR policy (Can UAE worker claim sick pay if injured while on trip abroad? August 19). It’s a recognition that employees are the most valuable assets. We have no problems insuring our equipment, buildings and contents against accidental damage. Then why not adopt the same attitude towards employees?

Name withheld by request