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Local production is key to efficiency

Readers express their thoughts about the Winter Olympics, Donald Trump and more

A reader writes that we should be thinking local in the introduction of solar energy. Silvia Razgova / The National
A reader writes that we should be thinking local in the introduction of solar energy. Silvia Razgova / The National

Your story, Near-perfect solar absorber highlights bright output for UAE’s sun-powered future (August 27), was informative. Local-level production should be encouraged. It is far more efficient than spending billions of dollars on infrastructure and then selling it back to customers. A decentralised approach is key.

Moaz Bhutta, India

I wish the winter Olympics would feature in this region

I refer to your video feature on Zahra Lari trying to make history by becoming the first Emirati to qualify for the Winter Olympics.

Maybe if she qualifies, then local channels will air the winter games, which I prefer over the summer ones but don’t get to see because I live in this region.

Michelle Grissa, Dubai

Beware of your perceptions clouding your judgment

I refer to the story, At least 12 people killed in clashes after Indian guru is found guilty of rape (August 25). The reason for all this violence is belief among his followers that he is innocent.

The problem with blind faith is just that, it makes us blind. Still, last year in Europe and the United States, there were several reports of such crimes, including police shooting innocent people.

That doesn’t make the population of the two continents culprits. This is why perception is always erroneous when we look beyond our setting.

Moaz Bhutta, India

The region can reap the fruit of smaller enterprises

In reference to your article, Saudi Arabia grants investment licences to four Chinese companies (August 25), a refocus on small-scale industries and entrepreneurs is needed. These are the backbone and lifeblood of any country's economy. Measures would include making business licences easier and cheaper to obtain, separating licences from office rent until businesses have a high enough turnover, facilitating visas for businessmen and requesting annual accounts and third party audits.

There are millions of people who don't have access to thousands or even hundreds of dollars but who have great ideas, business skills, work ethic who are finding it difficult to take off given high start-up fees, taxes and uncooperative banks.

The licensing fees that governments collect initially are negligible compared with the money that these small businesses can generate in the local economy if given the chance.

David Pryce, Abu Dhabi

Do generals decide everything on the ground?

In reference to Hussein Ibish’s opinion piece, Afghanistan is America’s new Vietnam (August 27), are we to assume that the generals will decide everything, even the rules of engagement?

Name withheld by request

When the choices of who leads the way are limited

In reference to the article, Donald Trump: healer or divider of a nation? (August 24), it is a shame that for 300 million citizens, the choice was down to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Name withheld by request

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