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‘Jihad Janes’ are the most despicable type of women

Rym Ghazal can't fathom why any woman would want to be involved with ISIL.
While some women are joining the "jihadis", these women from the Kurdistan Workers Party are fighting against ISIL because the extremist group "is against women's liberation". Ahmad Al Rubaye / AFP
While some women are joining the "jihadis", these women from the Kurdistan Workers Party are fighting against ISIL because the extremist group "is against women's liberation". Ahmad Al Rubaye / AFP

In the beginning, when ISIL made proclamations and threats, the world didn’t take this cancerous entity seriously.

However, the threat has grown as more and more western Muslims, including women, run away from home to become “jihadists” and send tweets and messages back to their families about how they will become “martyrs” and go to heaven.

First of all, I would love to know how they are so confident that they are going straight to heaven after hurting and killing other people. Until the end, Prophet Mohammed kept asking for forgiveness, and prayed that Allah was “Radi” – content and pleased with him and his deeds.

Time and time again, the moderate and learned Muslim leaders remind young people of the Messenger’s teachings, that the “lesser” jihad, or the weaker one, is the one that involves actually fighting, and the “greater” or more difficult jihad is ­“Jihad Al Nafes”or the struggle against the evil of one’s soul.

To be kind, to be merciful, to be humble, to be forgiving and giving, all these values are a daily struggle that Muslims are supposed to be fighting for. As women have the critical role of being mothers, and raising future generations, their jihad is already doubled, which includes the actual labour of carrying a child, then raising that child to be a decent human being.

So, how does one even begin to reflect over what some Muslim women have been doing in Iraq and Syria after joining a cancerous terrorist group and then tweeting about their “jihad”, which really seems to involve little more than getting married to a “jihadist”.

There have been stories about women sending marriage proposals to the more famous ISIL figures, which of course makes no sense. These men abuse and rape women and treat captives like concubines. How are they marriage material?

It doesn’t stop there, some of the women join a kind of a morality police that bullies other women.

It angered me that they chose the name Al Khansaa for one of their all-women brigades. That is the name of one of the greatest female Arab poets from the 7th century, known as Al Khansaa (The Snub-Nosed), who was famous for her elegies and her eloquence. According to reports, the ISIL women in this brigade spend their days policing the streets for “un-Islamic” behaviour, like mixing between genders and improper clothing by women.

It would be almost comical if it wasn’t so dangerous: armed, self-righteous and overzealous women feeling they are somehow “better” than others.

According to media reports, Aqsa Mahmood, the young Scottish woman who left Glasgow to go to Syria and gave herself the name of Umm Layth, is linked to Al Khansaa.

The women pose fully covered, holding guns and rifles, wearing explosive belts, and then share these photos on social media. Somehow they feel this makes them look empowered and strong. Women are becoming ISIL’s worst and most ruthless weapons.

It is sad to see all this as obviously none of these women have read about the real and respected Muslim women of history, real warriors like Umm Umarah.

She protected the Prophet, fought in many battles, attended historic treaties, rode horses and even lost a hand in one of the battles and still managed to nurse the wounded back to health.

Then there are figures like Al Shifa bint Abdullah, whose real name was Laylah, but became known as Al Shifa (healer) due to her medical abilities. Respected for her knowledge, she taught others, including the Prophet’s wife, Hafsah bint Umar. The second Khalifa, Omar, would consult her and appointed her the market manager of Madina.

I don’t recall any of them attacking other women.

These ISIL members, both women and men, have truly demeaned Islam and its pillars and core. Who allowed them to “fix” the world and kill anyone who doesn’t agree with them?


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