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Iran had a chance to help its youth but it chose aggression instead

Readers discuss harassment, human rights, Iran and more

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani. AP
Iranian president Hassan Rouhani. AP

I refer to your article, Rouhani: Iran's missile plans do not violate any accords (October 29). Mr President, if you had said that you have halted producing missiles and are ready to give the young, educated Iranian people a chance to get on to the world stage in art, research, business and other domains, the whole world would have jumped to your side and welcomed you. But alas, you hindered your own cause with your words. There is no glory in threats and nuclear warfare.

Name withheld by request

Weinstein scandal helped Indian women find their voice

Your article, List of accused professors divides women campaigners (October 29), was a good read. The dozens of sexual assault allegations that surfaced against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein paved the way for Indian women to post their grievances on popular social media sites in virtually unprecedented numbers. The fact that these allegations were against men of knowledge in this instance, however, was all the more shocking. Professors are respected by virtue of their educational background and are entrusted to cultivate learning, not fear or intimidation, among their eager students. In my opinion, any academic found guilty of such breaches should be immediately sacked to safeguard the institution's image and protect its students.

K Ragavan, India

Some may be against naming and shaming (for fear of this backfiring on the victims, not out of sympathy for the harassers), but more importantly, readers should be made aware that this occurs far too often in some countries and that something has to be done about it.

Sam Anderson, Dubai

The rights of domestic workers are clearly stated

I refer to your article, Maids have right to own mobile, but some employers disagree (October 29).

While employers may have a right to expect their employees to be "offline" during working hours, they should not have the option to forbid any employee from owning a mobile phone.

As the anonymous worker quoted in the article explains, a phone enables domestic workers to seek help if they are abused. In signing Federal Law No 10 of 2017, the President, Sheikh Khalifa, affirmed the right of domestic employees to refer disputes to the UAE government. Workers who are denied a phone are, therefore, denied this legal right. Domestic workers' rights are clearly stated and safeguarded under UAE law.

​Annalisa Galgano, Greece

I have employed a maid for 17 years. She has always had a mobile. She gets one or two days of rest a week and has never been made to work more than six to eight hours, depending on the day. She has had medical insurance since day one and goes on leave every year. This is the kind of employment people deserve.

Nicola Siotto, Dubai

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