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How to teach people to love the environment

Readers discuss waste in Sharjah, the United States Congress and 007
A reader shares a welcome mention of The National in Jeffery Deaver’s novel 007 Carte Blanche
A reader shares a welcome mention of The National in Jeffery Deaver’s novel 007 Carte Blanche

I have lived in Sharjah. I have an emotional attachment to Buhairah Corniche and other parks there. When I see people spoiling it by throwing rubbish in the water and around the park, it upsets me on a deep level.

Recently, I have witnessed a terrible scene. A couple had breakfast sitting on the lawn under the beautiful shade of the palm garden, in front of Buhaira Corniche. When the couple had finished, they left their waste on the grass. I politely called one of them and requested that he place the rubbish in a nearby bin. He disregarded my request but I informed him that I would throw out the waste on their behalf because the bin was no more than two metres away.

That same day I saw a boat used to clean the Corniche area come in full of rubbish. I was told that the boat was only out to sea for one hour but had to come back because it was already full. Why do so many people have the mentality to spoil the water and parks in spite of all the waste disposal facilities that are available?

It is time to introduce fines, similar to those in Singapore, for people who refuse to use waste facilities. There must be better enforcement so that violators are held accountable for unnecessary waste. It is the only way that people will learn how to protect their environment. With so many nationalities living in the UAE, we all need to learn a lesson about how to be responsible with the environment.

K V Shamsudheen, Sharjah

Italian navy ships in the Gulf

In relation to the recent AFP article, Italy joins Iran navy in Hormuz (September 29), I would like to point out the following: “At the end of its deployment in the Indian Ocean, the Italian Navy frigate ‘euro’ made a port call at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas.” 

Within such a port call, besides the usual customary visits, symbolic courtesy exercises of exclusive maritime nature were carried out. Such exercises are to be considered routine courtesy naval procedures carried out when visiting foreign ports and characterising seafaring people.”

Liborio Stellino, Ambassador of Italy to the UAE

Improving roads and drivers

I am writing in regard to your road report (UAE improves roads, but drivers’ manners also need tune-up, experts says September 30). I encourage readers to have a look at the picture attached to the story. Take note of what the silver car is attempting in the fast lane. I think the problem with road safety is not the roads.

The Government has done an excellent job improving the condition of the roads throughout the country. We don’t need more roads or even better ones, we have to learn how to use the roads in a safer manner.

Driving safe does not mean you drive too slow. We need to break down this myth with better education and better enforcement of laws.

Mathew Litty, Dubai

The roads here are very good compared to most other countries of the world. The problem is that many drivers are careless.

Kishore Girdharlal, Abu Dhabi

It would be helpful to have more exits on the roads. If you miss an exit due to poor signage you shouldn’t have to travel to the next emirate to turn around.

Cheryl Dill, Abu Dhabi

Understanding the Americans

I am writing in reference to your piece about the September 11 legislation in America (Gulf Arab states warn of fallout from US Congress’s Saudi September 11 law, September 29). The United States is a democracy with no central leadership.

The president’s powers are limited by the constitution and there are mechanisms to control the limits of power.

American alliances boil down to what helps the interests of the American people and this extends to the interests of US corporations, which create jobs and keep the economy strong. Understanding the American system will allow the region to better deal with the US. Jehad Estrada, Abu Dhabi

James Bond is right on target

I always knew James Bond had great taste, but I never fully appreciated just how good it was until I came across praise for The National on page 139 of Jeffery Deaver’s novel 007 Carte Blanche.

Michael Garin, Chief executive, Image Nation Abu Dhabi

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