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Has the US softened its stance towards North Korea?

Readers discuss rogue states, DIY, saving schemes and more

US president Donald Trump and wife Melania are on tour in Asia, where he made the latest round of remarks on North Korea. Reuters
US president Donald Trump and wife Melania are on tour in Asia, where he made the latest round of remarks on North Korea. Reuters

I refer to your article Trump takes conciliatory tone in his renewed warning to North Korea (November 8). In his recent visit to South Korea, US president Donald Trump issued renewed warnings to North Korea over its nuclear activity, but he seems to have changed tone this time by urging Pyongyang to make a deal. Does this mean a change of stance or was he in over his head all along? Only time will tell.

K Ragavan, India

Upcoming UAE projects unrivalled in size and scope

In reference to your article, Abu Dhabi's new Midfield terminal to offer gateway to cultural heart of the UAE (November 6). Great infrastructure work and an unbeatable set of future strategic plans across all sectors.

Michael Caine, Dubai

It's about time residents indulged in a little DIY

I refer to Revealed: The car-washing habits of the UAE (November 5), I wash my own car. It is in such areas that you can save little. All it takes is a bit of thought, time and patience. I say practice a little DIY before it's too late. Why rely on someone else?

Mathew Litty, Dubai

JLT traffic chaos was never this bad

In reference to your article Dubai Jumeirah Lake Towers traffic chaos: Hundreds of commuters stuck in gridlock (November 6). The only reason anyone would be driving around JLT would be because they either need to leave or enter the actual area, in which case, what “alternative route” could there possibly be?

Toby Masson, Dubai

They urged people to "take an alternative route". How could I when I actually live there? I left my car on the sand and walked home. Roadworks cannot cause chaos like they did on Monday. It never happened in the past when road works were there for months.

Alessia Osti, Dubai

Financial goals are getting harder to stick to

Your article Seven in ten UAE residents unsure how to achieve their financial goals (November 6) was an interesting read. When the cost of living has become so exorbitant, how much can residents be expected to save? We are under so much financial strain that we can't even lend a helping hand to those in need. Salaries are stagnant and taxes are on the horizon. Goals are well and good, but there are many variables that can get in the way.

Name withheld by request

US gun laws are as destructive as the havoc they have brought about

Rob Crilly's article Trump calls Texas shooting a 'mental health problem' (November 6) was comprehensive and eye-opening. When are Americans going to realise their gun rules are more destructive than the amendment that the National Rifle Association twisted to justify their existence?

Jeff Holzl, Dubai

Updated: November 8, 2017 06:56 PM