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Year of Zayed exhibition is a throwback to a past era

Readers discuss Sheikh Zayed, water, India and support networks for mothers

Dubai Creek is the embodiment for many of Old Dubai. Sarah Dea / The National
Dubai Creek is the embodiment for many of Old Dubai. Sarah Dea / The National

In reference to your online article Exhibition of images launches in Abu Dhabi to celebrate Sheikh Zayed (May 6), I wish I could go back in time and live in the mysterious Dubai of the 1970s and early 1980s.

Chris Reid, Dubai

Support network for mothers is desperately needed here

In reference to your article Bereaved Mother’s Day: Heartbreaking tales of loss and courage by Ramola Talwar Badam (May 5), awareness in this matter is so desperately needed here. So many suffer alone and with no support network.

Ellen Firth, Dubai

It was amazing to see this piece. There is also a group called Small and Mighty Babies which does brilliant work.

Kelly Harvarde, Dubai

We must all recognise that water is precious

I refer to your wise editorial Water must be treated as the scarce, precious resource it is (May 8): the piece did well to underscore the importance of conserving water. Globally more than one billion people do not have access to clean drinking water: that is to say about 14 per cent of our planet is without potable water. In many countries in Africa and Asia, women walk several kilometres every day to collect a pail of water for their families, hence the critical need to save every drop of water that we can.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Celebrity and wealth stand in the way of justice in India

I refer to your article Salman Khan to plead for leniency on antelope killing charge (May 7): the popular Indian actor’s return to court to seek leniency is the latest development in a case that dates back to the 1990s. There have been other cases against Mr Khan over the years but the manner in which he has evaded custody and built a career while others have aged in the wait for justice shows yet again the power of celebrity and wealth in India. Despite all this, I must admit that I am an admirer of some of Mr Khan’s professional work and I also respect the judiciary. We have to wait and see and hope that the law is upheld.

K Ragavan, Denver

The UAE’s rulers lend a helping hand to their people

I refer to your article Government employees praise UAE Rulers for Ramadan salary bonus (May 6): when leaders and government love their nation and people, they undertake work for the benefit of the nation’s employees and with those actions, they help the families of those employees.

Asyah Meel, Abu Dhabi

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