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Women could soon be in pole position for racing glory

Our readers have their say on Formula racing, stray cats and the gift of charity

Amna Al Qubaisi is on track to make racing history
Amna Al Qubaisi is on track to make racing history

The recent editorial piece, F1 race is a reminder of aspirations becoming reality (November 24) also serves as a reminder of the gender divisions in racing, as well as some signs of progress.

Such events should and can influence girls and young women all over the world, not just in Abu Dhabi, to pursue a career as F1 drivers.

As female ­representation in Formula racing is still limited, ­examples such as the Emirati driver Amna Al Qubaisi and the GP3 Colombian driver ­Tatiana Calderon, present at this year’s event, have ­certainly provided a path for aspiring female ­drivers to follow.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a female driver – and not only that, but a Colombian, like me – while working at the event this year.

The GP3 is an important step before F1, so seeing a female driver from an ­under-represented country gave me hope for what Formula racing can become in the future, with regard to female representation. Similarly, Ms Al Qubaisi has become the first female Emirati test driver for Formula E, an achievement that can be attributed to the influence of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

There have been no female drivers on the F1 circuit since the 1990s. Rising female stars such as Ms Calderon and Ms Al Qubaisi are poised to change that in the near future, and surely will inspire other young women to follow in their footsteps.

Sara Monsalve, Abu Dhabi

Pets are a real commitment not lifestyle accessories

Referring to your recent piece, UAE campaigners dismayed at surge in owners dumping pets (November 24), it sickens me how common abandonment of animals is in UAE.

When I tell people I have dogs and cats, I am often asked: “What will you do with them when you leave?”

I will take them with me, of course. They are my pets. Honestly, how is that even a question?

Ela Jayne, Abu Dhabi

I think the street cats are lovely. When I was in the UAE, I witnessed many people feeding them on their way to work. It was wonderful to see.

Lorraine Kavanagh, Alberta, Canada

Compassion is by far the greatest form of charity

I write in reference to your excellent editorial article Charity is a gift that truly keeps giving (November 27).

Giving back is a reflection of one’s understanding of the struggles many less fortunate people face, all around the world.

The Year of Zayed reminds us that we must pass these guiding principles on to the next generation.

Establishing equality in our world is important, and the ultimate objective should be recognising that all people deserve a life of dignity.

Charity is a way to see through the eyes of others, with real compassion. Let us all continue to give for the right reasons.

Ramachandran Nair, Muscat, Oman

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