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Why e-commerce could replace retail shops in the near future

With commodity prices rising, e-commerce is the future, a reader says. Chris Ratcliffe / Bloomberg
With commodity prices rising, e-commerce is the future, a reader says. Chris Ratcliffe / Bloomberg

Commercial properties, it seems, will be taxed at the standard VAT rate. This means rental retail space will go up 5 per cent above already challenging prices, putting further pressure on the retail trade (Residential real estate in the UAE to be exempt from VAT, July 11). This would result in businesses passing on that cost to the consumer. Such increases in prices will further make businesses uncompetitive. I think online shopping and e-commerce is the future.

Nesim Majzoub, Abu Dhabi

Drug addiction must be treated, not punished

In reference to your story Young lives in the UAE being destroyed by drugs, former addicts say (July 11), the addiction will just change without help. No drugs? No alcohol? Then gambling or overeating. Those are addictions as well. People are prescribed opiate medications every day for pain and only a small percentage become addicted. It is the addictive personality that must be addressed. Rehabilitation is necessary for that.

Beverly Newell, Dubai

Time and again we hear warnings that drug addiction should be treated, not punished. This is a problem that is faced by almost every country in the world. Unless we change our attitude to addiction, we will never be able to fight the problem.

Name withheld by request

Channel 4 FM has always been my favourite

Channel 4 FM, the UAE’s first commercial radio station, brought fresh voices and tunes when it began broadcasting 20 years ago. And I loved it then as much as I do now (Don’t change that dial: twenty years of Channel 4 FM, July 9). We lived in Ajman in the 1990s and I have fond memories of listening to Channel 4 with my children. Those were the good old days.

Tanya Milbourne, Dubai

UAE’s relationship with Airbus is not new

In reference to the article, Airbus chooses ‘scorching’ UAE desert for heat testing of new planes (July 8), the 380s were heat-stress tested at Al Ain airport before they went into service 10 years ago. The relationship with Airbus is longstanding and also related to the parts supplied from the local industry.

Michael Grantham, Al Ain

Updated: July 11, 2017 01:24 PM