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Why does tragedy strike Kabul time and time again?

Our readers have their say about a suicide attack in a Kabul wedding, phone scammers, Abu Dhabi's heritage sites and Kashmir

An Afghan man mourns during the funeral of his brother after a suicide bomb blast at a wedding in Kabul. REUTERS
An Afghan man mourns during the funeral of his brother after a suicide bomb blast at a wedding in Kabul. REUTERS

I write to you in reference to Nicky Harley’s article ISIS claims suicide bombing that killed 63 at wedding in Afghan capital (August 18).

This piece related the tragic deaths of 63 people at an Afghan wedding, in an attack claimed by ISIS.

This was very hard to read. I send my condolences to the families of the victims.

The attack was all the more despicable as it specifically targeted a wedding venue. Terrorist know that happy ceremonies attract large crowds and probably wanted to maximise deaths. The Afghan government must investigate this incident and give justice to the victims.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

How can these terrorists possibly believe that such horrific acts would further their cause?

This could only work if the cause they are fighting for is death. What a morbid cult.

Gregg Flynn, Dubai

This is such terrible news. What will it take to stop those terror attacks?

What is so wrong with these Afghan militants that they would want to kill people at a wedding? Many of the victims were children. This is an absolute disgrace.

Kathryn Chang Barker, Muscat

There can be no tolerance for phone scammers in the UAE

I write to you in reference to your article Three mobile phone scamming gangs arrested in UAE-wide bust (August 17).

Well done! I was scammed three times in one week-end by these mobile phone gangs. I am glad that the authorities are being proactive about this problem.

Marina Milibourne, Abu Dhabi

Congratulations on arresting these crooks. One of these scammers stole my hard-earned money. They took Dh6,000 from me a month ago.

Mwanguhya Kennedy, Kampala

Let us preserve our precious Abu Dhabi heritage sites

I write to you in reference to John Dennehy’s article Landmark Abu Dhabi souq set to be demolished (August 15).

This is such a shame. Such places should be cherished and restored as national heritage sites.

Tanya Milbourne, Dubai

India and Pakistan: it is time to resolve Kashmir crisis

I write to you in reference to Arthur MacMillan’s article At UN, India and Pakistan joust but are told to resolve Kashmir crisis (August 16).

I hope the UN urges the two countries to sort out their differences peacefully and quickly.

Youmbu Seba, Abu Dhabi

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