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Why do some stores mark up their goods so much?

Readers discuss VAT, Belgium, alternative energy and missile attacks

Readers discuss the impending arrival of VAT.  Delores Johnson / The National
Readers discuss the impending arrival of VAT. Delores Johnson / The National

I am writing in regards to the upcoming introduction of VAT. I am very disappointed to see so many businesses announcing price increases.

One example is a retail store that appears to charge double the ticket price of the same goods in its home market in Europe, where 20 per cent VAT is applied. Other stores, on the other hand, appear to pass on discounts from their home territory.

I have started to shop abroad instead of here in the UAE because goods are often cheaper elsewhere.

I would prefer to shop here to support the local economy and for increased convenience, but if the shops price themselves out of the market then I am not going to.

I think it would be beneficial to talk about this further to open up some conversations.

Name withheld by request

There are some positive signs in Belgium’s recent moves

In reference to your online story Belgium becomes first country to send female ambassador to Saudi Arabia (December 19), women’s empowerment is becoming more visible.

K Ragavan, India

What happens when the oil and gas runs out?

In a few decades time it is highly likely we will run out of gas and oil reserves will have been run down so it is vitally important that we invest in alternative energy.

Without oil, electronics can no longer be produced. There is some hope but you will need huge solar plantations in warm areas and genetic engineering expertise. Electric energy can be stored in the water tank and can be used to drive a car.

Rafael Lipka, Dubai

That missile attack on Riyadh is a troubling development

I am writing about your news story Houthi missile downed close to Riyadh (December 20). This kind of attack poses a major danger to peace in the region.

It will be wonderful for Donald Trump, the US president, to take the lead to resolve the on-going confrontation in Yemen by having meetings with the leaders of those countries involved in the struggle.

Yemenis must be allowed to breathe freely and rebuild their ravaged country. The country has been devastated by famine, a lack of drinking water and cholera.

Mr Trump has the stature and position to crack the problem.

For this noble act, he would be highly respected. Blessed are those who seek to make peace.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

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