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When it comes to tariffs, we need to strike a judicious balance

Readers discuss Donald Trump's steel tariffs, Brexit, sport and more

"The Brexit referendum was David Cameron's way of managing the anti-EU brigade within his party."    AFP
"The Brexit referendum was David Cameron's way of managing the anti-EU brigade within his party." AFP

I refer to your article Trade wars are 'easy to win', says Donald Trump as he lays down gauntlet to metal industries (March 2): the tariffs on imports of steel of 25 per cent and on aluminium of 10 per cent will augment the cost of cars and construction projects in the US. Countries like India have also increased their tariff barriers in the new wave we are witnessing of protecting local industries. The duties on crude palm oil and refined palm oils have been augmented by 14 per cent in India.

There is no need to erect so many tariff walls between nations, which will augment prices of products and services for the common man. Nations must source raw materials from anywhere in the world, at the most economical prices. Ostensibly, the raising of import tariffs is to protect local industries and jobs. However there has to be a judicious balance so as not to lead to an increase in prices and depressing of demand. Otherwise the raising of duties will be completely counter-productive.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Sport is a powerful way to make peace and friendship

Your editorial Sport is a force for unity and peace in a troubled region (March 1) was a thoughtful and moving read. There is no doubt that sport is a connecting factor for peace and friendship. One hopes that the recent Basra football match between Saudi Arabia and Iraq will re-energise their ties and lead to a strong bilateral relationship. A good start in the region.

K Ragavan, Bangalore

David Cameron has only himself to blame for Brexit

I refer to your report David Cameron: Calling Brexit referendum was inevitable (March 2): well, Mr Cameron, we could have told you so. Scotland voted to remain in the European Union. English voters elected to leave because they are afraid of immigrants. Scotland is the last colony of England – a land forced to live with a terrible situation it didn't vote for.

Mary Smith

This is first-class revisionism. A referendum was Mr Cameron's way of managing the anti-EU brigade within his party. It was needless and backfired massively.

Name withheld by request

Crimefighting duos are twice as effective in getting results

I refer to your report Dubai and Abu Dhabi Police join forces to arrest pair accused of stealing Dh1.5m from Bentley (March 2): congratulations to the police on their excellent work.

Asyah Elisabeth Meel, Abu Dhabi

Contractors need to maintain higher levels of safety

I refer to your article Fire breaks out at Reem Island construction site (March 2): the level of safety on construction sites is concerning. I regularly see mess left regularly behind by workers on the mangroves and surrounding areas on Reem Island.

Name withheld by request

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