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We need more heroes like Ram to help end conflicts

Our readers have their say about conflict resolution, shopping, bikes and Ramadan

Guards inspect wreckage from car bomb in 2007, thought to have been the work of Basque separatist group Eta. Rafa Rivas / AFP
Guards inspect wreckage from car bomb in 2007, thought to have been the work of Basque separatist group Eta. Rafa Rivas / AFP

In reference to the heartwarming article by Ram Manikkalingam The go-between: how fear of failure has helped me persuade men with guns to make peace in the midst of conflict (May 26), it is initiatives like these by well-meaning citizens which could help to usher peace in Syria, Yemen and Palestine.

Thank you sir, for your efforts to usher peace in war-torn areas and thanks to The National for underscoring such noble endeavours.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Ways to watch your wallet: shop online and look for sales

I refer to your story Dubai rated the most expensive place to buy a summer dress and surf the internet, survey reveals (May 26): I do most of my shopping for clothes and footwear online.

Prices are comparatively affordable on Namshi.com and Souq.com, for example. They deliver the next day at your convenience.

When you have everything at the click of a button, why waste time and energy heading all the way to the malls, getting stuck in neverending traffic and roaming around paying exorbitant prices for items?

Perhaps people could try to change their shopping and spending habits and think of smarter ways to shop, such as during the Eid sales period.

Mathew Litty, Dubai

I have long been saying how expensive it is to shop here.

Muneeza Syed, Abu Dhabi

It’s pedal to the metal for city’s first bicycle mayor

Regarding your story Bicycle mayor faces an uphill task in Bengaluru (May 26), Samanth Subramanian’s article on the recent appointment of bicycle mayor Sathya Sankaran in Bengaluru, the capital of Indian state Karnataka, was an interesting development in India.

His main ambition of promoting the concept of cycling in Bengaluru over the past one decade has at long last been honoured with the title of the city’s first bicycle mayor.

Bengaluru, my home city, is known for its information technology industry and its traffic. Moreover, it has a poor infrastructure with particularly bad roads so I wonder how Mr Sankaran is going to take up the task. Nevertheless, I wish him all the very best in his efforts to ease traffic.

K Ragavan, Denver

A stirring story about a Ramadan charity drive

In reference to your story Ramadan 2018: Dubai mosque’s Indian kanji porridge draws Muslims from around the world (May 26), I too prepare kanji at home. What a nice story.

Mohammed Abdulkhader, India

Updated: May 27, 2018 07:53 PM