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We must take climate action into our own hands

Our readers have their say on the environment, the Indian monsoon, noisy cinemas and North Korea

Worried about the environment: Sainath Manikandan has invented a robot that collects plastic from the sea. Khushnum Bhandari for The National
Worried about the environment: Sainath Manikandan has invented a robot that collects plastic from the sea. Khushnum Bhandari for The National

I refer to your story UN chief says world faces fight for its life over climate change (June 30): one of the biggest challenges we face is climate change.

At my school, Gems United Indian School, I have started my own campaign to highlight the importance of recycling. I am also trying to raise awareness about single-use plastics and encourage individuals and organisations to reduce their carbon footprints. Many of my friends understand the importance of taking care of our environment and would like to be part of these campaigns, which shows their positive impact. My school principal and teachers are supportive and motivate us in all our activities. Together we can create a wave of change.

Sainath Manikandan, age 11, Abu Dhabi

North Korea should refrain from proliferating further

I write in reference to your article After the smiles and handshakes, what hope is there for peace on the Korean peninsula? (July 5). Little progress was expected and there should be no surprise. Both Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are strong-headed. No deal will last for long between these two. Still, North Korea must refrain from nuclear proliferation and tests as they harm the world, including itself.

Nazim Hasan Khan, India

Quiet please: we need to dial it down for big-screen action

Regarding your online story Our resident film buff says we need to be quiet in the cinema (July 6), I hate going to the cinema here. Sometimes there are babies crying and it is really annoying. Perhaps there should be a separate family cinemas for those who just want to watch a movie outside the comfort of their home without the noise and nuisance.

Glenis Johnson, Abu Dhabi

I would love designated and mandatory quiet viewing times. We rarely go out to the movies. When we do, it’s because we really want to be fully immersed in the whole spectacle of the movie. I find people coming in late using their phone flashlight to walk up the aisles and the constant chattering so distracting and frustrating.

Feda Jarad, Abu Dhabi

Deadly Maharastra monsoon in India is a grave tragedy

I write in reference to your article India monsoon: 13 bodies recovered after dam breach (July 4). This article on the Indian state of Maharastra’s severe monsoon and the after-effects was sad to read. The dam in the city of Ratnagiri, 275 kilometres south of Mumbai, was breached and the bodies of 13 people were later found.

Many Indian states have escaped monsoons this season, which makes it all the more painful for the people of Maharastra. It serves as a reminder that no one can stop the full force of nature’s fury.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

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