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We must fight the stigma surrounding mental health

Our readers have their say about mental health, the Mumbai Indians, the Fujairah sabotage attack and emergency inflight training

We must break the stigma surrounding mental health. Getty
We must break the stigma surrounding mental health. Getty

I write to you in reference to The National’s editorial It is vital that we break the stigma of mental health (May 11).

I was pleased to read this piece because it underlines the negative impacts of a taboo that is rarely ever talked about.

I believe that it is vital we teach our children that mental health issues are not a sign of weakness. We must also stop perpetuating this baseless idea in our daily interactions with others.

Clearly, stigmatising those with mental health problems is not going to help them overcome their ailment. This preconceived notion has done enough harm as it is.

Harold A Maio, Florida

An inspiring win and wonderful final match in IPL

I write to you in reference to Paul Radley’s article IPL 2019: Mumbai Indians win thrilling but ill-tempered final against Chennai Super Kings (May 13).

Although both teams had a good performance, the Mumbai Indians clearly had some extra mileage to win the Hyderabad match. Despite Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Shane Watson’s good partnership the Chennai Super Kings unfortunately lost the match. Nonetheless, the crowd was treated to a wonderful final match. The team spirit and overall confidence of the Mumbai Indians is an inspiration to cricket fans everywhere.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

It is too early for assumptions about the Fujairah sabotage

I write to you in reference to your report Two Saudi tankers off Fujairah coast targets of ‘sabotage attack’ (May 13).

The “sabotage” in Fujairah is quite worrying, and world leaders are right to condemn these actions.

However, the perpetrators of the attack have not been identified yet and an investigation is still ongoing.

Until we have hard evidence, beyond reasonable doubt, we should not speculate about this incident or let inflammatory comments pervade the discussion about the Fujairah attack.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

Emergency inflight training for passengers can save lives

I write to you in reference to your online video captioned A Myanmar pilot safely landed a passenger jet without its front wheels (May 12).

Thank God everyone on that plane is now safe and no one lost their lives during the landing in Myanmar.

I was looking at video footage that was taken from inside the plane, which showed passengers afraid for their lives and confused. This was truly heartbreaking and must be avoided at all costs.

In the future, I believe that passengers should have to pay special attention to inflight emergency exit training so that they can learn how to deal with such situations properly.

This will also teach us how to manage our panic, if such an event should ever occur, and most importantly save many lives.

Nadeem Ali, Pakistan

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