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We can all do our bit to reuse, recycle and save the planet

Our readers weigh in on the environment, UAE growth and Japan

A trash clean-up event in London. Plogolution 
A trash clean-up event in London. Plogolution 

I refer to your article How environmentally friendly are you, really? (January 14): the best earth-friendly practices require the cooperation of everyone. So how do we get the next generation to reduce, reuse, recycle and embrace the other basics of environmental responsibility? The best way to teach them is to lead by example, with a number of important practices. Recycling begins at home and is easy and, in some communities, mandatory. Plastic that ends up as ocean debris contributes to habitat destruction and entangles and kills tens of thousands of marine animals each year. That’s why we devote 10 per cent of our annual profits to Plastic Oceans UK Foundation.

To limit impact always choose reusable items and of course, recycle whenever possible. On that point, beaches are fragile environments and we must be attentive to how we treat them. The sand and surf are far more than a place to build sandcastles and take a dive. With this in mind, many communities sponsor green activities such as pitching in to help clean up a local beach.

Meanwhile, the fashion industry is second only to oil in the environmental destruction it creates – mainly because consumers buy clothes at such cheap prices. Alternatives do exist. The solution lies in buying less and choosing better quality items that are made as ethically as possible.

Alana Sorokin, founder of Joseph and Alexander, London

What’s the secret to such long life in Japan?

I write in reference to your article World’s oldest man, Masazo Nonaka, dies in Japan at 113 (January 21). The recent death of the world’s oldest man and Guinness World Record holder in Japan was sad.

Even though people are living longer across the world, with life expectancy consistently rising, even with the support of drugs and modern medicine, very few of us can even hope to near the age of Nonaka. In that sense, his long life should be celebrated by all of us. In spite of progress elsewhere, Japan stands tall on the world map for life expectancy. One wonders what its secret is.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

The UAE’s development and wealth is extraordinary to see

I write in reference to your article UAE on track to become the Monaco of the Middle East (January 21). With its extraordinary growth and booming cities, comparisons between the UAE and Monaco are apt. But with wealth and development, crime too often follows.

This needs to be under constant attention, as the UAE is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world for all and that must never change. Dubai is also the hub of travel and tourism in the Middle East with extraordinary infrastructure. Kudos to the UAE.

Name withheld by request

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