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We can all contribute to a more sustainable future

Our readers have their say about the environment, the Pope's visit and Boko Haram

Helping the environment at the Masdar Festival. Courtesy Masdar City
Helping the environment at the Masdar Festival. Courtesy Masdar City

I am writing about your story 10 new innovations that will shape a more sustainable future (January 14): technology plays a big role in all of our lives. The easiest way to promote sustainability is through education. By educating ourselves about what sustainable alternatives we have available in our daily lives, like building materials, food, clothes and common household items, we can make better choices for ourselves and for future generations to come. You can teach your friends sustainable habits like recycling and understand the difference between “I want” and “I need”.

I recently attended Masdar’s event called The Festival on January 18 and 19, which had a series of fun and educational activities related to sustainability and recycling. There were various zones with names like “the greenhouse” and “the arcade alley”. This event was a forward-thinking approach to sustainability and the major technologies that are shaping the world today.

Myself and my sister Sai Sahana enjoyed the two days at the event. We did presentations and raised awareness regarding the importance of recycling and I demonstrated my invention, the marine robot cleaner. This device aims to collect waste from the surface of water because about eight million tonnes of plastic end up in our seas and oceans and cause enormous threats to our marine ecosystem.

As youth ambassadors for the Drop It campaign, we told visitors that “plastics are not our body’s best friend”. We raised awareness about single-use plastic pollution and encouraged individuals and organisations to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions through simple, everyday choices. We also asked visitors to take an online pledge to use less single-use plastic. I hope everyone takes a minute to think about what they could be doing too.

Sainath Manikandan, Gems United Indian School, Abu Dhabi

Terrorists behind attack in Nigeria must be stopped

Regarding your story Boko Haram killed at least 60 in Nigerian town, Amnesty International says (February 2), the ongoing crisis with extremism and militancy in Nigeria was shocking to read. It is high time the international community came forward to address this issue.

The killing of innocent civilians is contemptible. What a sad and painful day for Nigeria and the world at large.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Celebrating Pope Francis’s visit is a real family affair

With reference to your coverage on Pope Francis’s visit to the UAE, I am blessed to be serving as an extra ordinary minister of holy communion for the papal mass.

My son Adley Frank Rodrigues, who plays the piano at St Mary’s Church in Dubai, has been selected after an audition to be part of a 120-member choir for the service.

I have been a lector and an active member of the treasury team for the same church for the past 15 years. My wife Fatima is a catechist, or religious teacher, and teaches every Friday morning, as she has been doing for the past decade.

God bless the leaders of UAE for their kind invitation and God bless the Vatican and His Holiness Pope Francis for accepting the same.

May this channel of peace spread throughout the world. It is a dream come true for this family of parishioners since 1994.

Mario Rodrigues, Dubai

Updated: February 3, 2019 08:34 PM