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Unity and prosperity are Iraq's unsolved dilemma

Our readers have their say about Iraq, Syria and Apple's stock value

Iraqis shout slogans during ongoing protests in the southern city of Basra on August 5, 2018. Haidar Mohammed Ali / AFP 
Iraqis shout slogans during ongoing protests in the southern city of Basra on August 5, 2018. Haidar Mohammed Ali / AFP 

Regarding Mina Al-Oraibi’s article Sixty years on, Iraq needs a strong head of state for unity and sovereignty (July 22), unity is truly an unsolved challenge in Iraq.

It is also true that Iraq needs a strong head of state rather than coups and more chaos. But why don’t we find out what triggers its instability?

Although its governmental system has become parliamentary democracy, many Iraqis were overwhelmed by this transition and the promise of democracy for a prosperous Iraq has turned into a nightmare for many.

Democracy was always built on fragile ground. The invasion of Iraq imposed its own political agendas and structures, without any regards to Iraqi sociological history, ethno-cultural and religious differences.

The democratisation process carried many fallacies, from the drafting of the constitution itself – the main pillar in building country’s unity and its national conscience – to undermining Iraq unity through federalism.

Iraq came out of the shadow of corruption, massacres, suppression and ethno-racism over four decades.

The invasion didn’t appease the population’s rage, insecurities and intimidation over another devastating rule; instead, it acted as conqueror rather than mediator.

It didn’t give Iraq a very gradual and fair transition to bring about a turning point in the political system, it just added catastrophic changes that brought another chapter of grief in Iraqi history.

Asma Omar Al Hashmi, Abu Dhabi

An Apple a day keeps the boredom away

With reference to your story Apple becomes the world’s first trillion dollar company (August 2), the news that the popular brand behind computers and the iPhone has been listed as the first $1 trillion company was great news.

It’s also good news for its millions of users. Quality, reputation and public response are the main instruments in the success of Apple.

The jump of 2.8 per cent in the tech company’s stock value was impressive. I find an Apple iPhone lifts the mundanity of the daily routine. Kudos to the company.

K Ragavan, Bangalore

Apple’s achievements are due to its visionary co-founder Steve Jobs, who understood consumer needs, high-end technology, sleek and simple design and low-cost manufacturing in China.

These four elements have propelled the company to global leadership.

Chief executive Tim Cook has doubled profits but his key challenge will be to innovate new products which tantalise the consumer as much as the iPhone.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

New Syrian regime bears no resemblance to democracy as we know it

With reference to HA Hellyer’s article We are witnessing the birth pains of a new and vile authoritarianism in Syria (August 4), this trend of authoritarianism is spreading all over the world as ruthless politicians exert total control over their people. This dangerous trend needs public attention, else it will lead to a form of democratic slavery across the world.

Nazim Hasan Khan, India

Updated: August 5, 2018 07:25 PM