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UAE shows how to achieve harmony and happiness

Letters to the Editor

School fees are on the rise in the region. Nicole Hill / The National
School fees are on the rise in the region. Nicole Hill / The National

The decision to allow non-Muslim couples to marry and divorce through religious institutions of their own faith is fantastic (Non-Muslim couples to be able to marry and divorce through churches in UAE, July 2).

The leadership here listens to everyone and works together with citizens and residents to make this country livable for all.

Shouldn’t this be the goal for all of us, to work and be respectful to each other? Arrogance and rigidity lead to nothing but sadness.

Christina Toebast, Dubai

Cost of education in this country is prohibitive

Education and housing costs here are absolutely sinful, especially considering the quality (UAE parents pay more than double global average for education, June 3). The rent we pay for our middle-range flat is enough for a generous down-payment on a house in the United States.

Every year we pay rent that is equivalent to about one-fourth the cost of a house. And the flat is one-fourth the size of the house I would be buying. The same goes for school fees.

Plus, you have to supplement your children’s education with extra tutoring, because the school instruction is weak. That’s extra costs not factored into the price. Add to that transportation, since there aren’t neighborhood schools to which children can walk. The costs spiral out of control.

Those who are here and trying to keep up are caught between a rock and a hard place as salaries haven’t kept track with inflation. If, at least, we were getting value comparable to cost, it wouldn’t hurt as much.

Feda Jarad, Abu Dhabi

The UAE is the most expensive country in terms of education costs and somewhere down the bottom in terms of education quality.

Australian public schools are providing better education than the best private school here.

Costs are completely unjustified. Why would a parent of a KG student pay Dh50,000 for their child to do squiggles?

John Paravalos, Dubai

The cost of education is spiralling out of control. As expatriates, our expenses are massive.

If this trend continues, this country will become less attractive to expatriates.

Moreover, companies are cutting employee allowances. I think the authorities have to take a step back and take another look at how schools are charging fees.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

Education should be cheap. The opposite is happening here. Schools have got a free hand to squeeze parents.

Noor Muhammed Aslam, Pakistan

Education is a right. If the UAE is committed to happiness, this is an area that can tremendously influence that aspiration.

Aslam Moola, Dubai

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