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UAE’s conservation efforts are praiseworthy

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Readers are all praise for the UAE's wildlife conservation efforts. Antonie Robertson / The National
Readers are all praise for the UAE's wildlife conservation efforts. Antonie Robertson / The National

I was thrilled to see the video of flamingos in Abu Dhabi on Facebook. The fact that these birds can migrate and breed undisturbed here speaks volumes about the UAE and the civility of its people.

Raghda Bint Hala, Abu Dhabi

The UAE’s conservation efforts deserve praise. It’s not just flamingos, but the efforts to conserve species, such as gazelles, houbara bustards, turtles and even some rare plants, are incredible. So many species thrive in Abu Dhabi’s mangroves alone.

Ravi Prasad, Abu Dhabi

Water leakage continues to hit trees despite complaint

In a follow up to my letter on June 18 about the water leakage in the wooded area between the equestrian centre/race track and Mushrif Palace, I am sad to say that the other day, I again spotted a huge leak from one of the main hoses. This means that many trees are not getting any water.

Worse, the effects of earlier water shortages and the hot summer means that now, about 10 trees are badly damaged. Big branches have broken off and many trees look dry. Nobody seems to be bothered about it. It’s sad that whoever is responsible is not able to tend to these old trees. Surely somebody can take charge.

Name withheld by request

Modi has done much for himself, but little for India

I completely agree with Kapil Komireddi that what prime minister Narendra Modi has done so far has mainly benefited him personally and not India (Modi's foreign policy doctrine sails into uncomfortable waters, with a frail hand at the tiller of national security, August 11).

I think Mr Modi’s actions and rhetoric have significantly blunted India's long-term political and economic prospects. When Nawaz Sharif became prime minister of Pakistan, he called him his friend and even paid him a surprise visit. That relationship was quickly plunged into crisis by Mr Modi’s unsubstantiated claims of a surgical strike inside Pakistan. Kashmir has since spiralled out of control. Now, there is a stand-off between India and China over Bhutan. Darjeeling has been on the brink for almost two months and Mr Modi’s government is silently watching the show. Meanwhile, religious divisions in India are widening by the day. This is not just tearing apart the country's social fabric, but it is going to have a long-term negative impact on the psyche of Indians, especially the young generation.

Name withheld by request

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