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UAE leadership's swift intervention and aid is outstanding

Readers discuss child supervision, UAE's aid efforts, social work and violence against minorities

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid sent relied aid to the Carribean in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Caribbean Buzz via AP
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid sent relied aid to the Carribean in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Caribbean Buzz via AP

Children should be supervised when playing by the water

In reference to your report on the Tragic death of four boys who drowned at a farm in Abu Dhabi (September 7), one can only feel for the immense pain and suffering the parents of the four children must be enduring. The UAE is surrounded by water and many homes have pools. It should be the responsibility of every parent to ensure their children can swim and understand the dangers associated with water. Far too many children are totally or inadequately supervised by adults whose own skills would not enable them to save themselves let alone their children if they got into trouble in the water.

Judith Finnemore, Al Ain

UAE's aid efforts around the world are exceptional

It is so thoughtful of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid to send relief aid to the Caribbean after Hurricane Irma (September 8). The Caribbean is being hit so very hard now and all news bulletins are talking about Florida and Miami but seem to forget that the hurricane caused deaths and extreme destruction on many small islands in the Caribbean.

Brigitte von Bulow, Washington

The UAE also helped when Joplin in Missouri was hit by a super tornado. Beautiful country with beautiful people.

Diana Reid Massey, Illinois

The move to evacuate citizens by plane is exemplary

I refer to your article UAE embassy in US welcoming citizens evacuated from Florida ahead of Irma (September 8). Sending a plane to evacuate Emirati citizens before Irma hit Florida is a commendable move and reflects the UAE leadership's policy to help its citizens all over the world.

Shondale Jackson Pagano Gallindo, Abu Dhabi

Emirati 'Mama' deserves recognition for her contribution

Your article Emirati "Mama" devotes her life to orphans with disabilities (September 7), sheds light on the work of an impressive and inspirational woman.

Melanie Lutz Turner, Dubai

The violence against the Rohingya cannot be justified

This refers to the report Massive protests in Bangladesh against Rohingya killings in Myanmar, but Nobel Institute says it can't strip Aung San Suu Kyi of her Peace prize'(September 9).

It is appalling to see that women and children are among innocent victims targeted by the military.

Irrespective of religion, caste and creed, everyone has the right to live, and it is the government's responsibility to provide them with safety and protection in difficult circumstances.

The world has already witnessed the struggle of poor communities and minorities in the recent past. The Yazidis faced a similar situation when militant groups invaded their villages in Iraq a few years ago and tortured and killed many members of their community, mainly elders, women and children.

Despite the many international human rights organisations and groups, minorities have always been those who suffer the most. They must take note of the plight of newborns and children entrapped in these conflicts, who are the first victims of such atrocities.

India, home to several religions and beliefs, should coordinate with world organisations to help the displaced Rohingya community however possible.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

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