Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 22 September 2020

Thumbs up to the 117 new emojis coming soon to a smartphone near you

Our readers have their say on the new emojis, the future of hospitals, Abu Dhabi's roads and tackling the Coronavirus

A look at the new emojis coming to phones in September 2020. Courtesy Emojipedia
A look at the new emojis coming to phones in September 2020. Courtesy Emojipedia

With reference to Evelyn Lau's February 1, 2020 update Bubble teas, black cats and pinched fingers: new emojis for 2020 (February 1): just when we thought we had plenty of emojis, the Unicode Consortium is ready to roll out a 117 more. My favourites are the gender-inclusive female groom (woman in a tuxedo) and the male bride with the moustache (man in a veil). Emojis are quickly becoming the new lingua franca.

Seemi Saify, Dubai

Abu Dhabi's roads are a driver's dream and may that never change

With regards to your report Abu Dhabi is the least congested capital city in the world, report finds (February 1): just one of the many reasons why I love living here.

Brad Flickinger, Abu Dhabi

Yes, because they have built a decent and intelligent road system.

Alessandra Bruttomesso, Abu Dhabi

They did an amazing thing to build the city streets so wide to prepare for the future.

Sarah, Abu Dhabi

I hope it stays like that and that the development and buildings coming up in and around Abu Dhabi don't cause congestion in future.

Abdel Raof Mohamed, Abu Dhabi

Generosity goes a long way

With reference to Ruba Haza's report Sharjah Ruler gives resident land and the chance to build a home (January 31): how lovely. Lucky man. Good luck.

Barbara Nasser, Bahrain

What a beautiful story.

Claire Pemberton Davies, Abu Dhabi

Great move. This man has a heart of gold.

Iheanacho Nwangbo, Abu Dhabi

Virtual avatar doctors and technology's endless possibilities

In reference to Daniel Sanderson's report Is humanity on cusp of the next medical revolution? (February 1): this was a really interesting read. Especially loved the last paragraph. Looks like amazing things are coming in the not-too-distant future.

Kim Christiansen, New Zealand

Precaution, prevention: all better than catching the virus

With regards to the report UAE announces new coronavirus case (February 1): all that they have to do is put body sensors at the airport for all flights coming in from Far East. Anyone who has been to Wuhan must be quarantined. Anyone with symptoms must be quarantined. If you have been in contact with someone from Wuhan or that person has been in contact with a possible carrier, then they should be quarantined for two weeks. They have to also clean aeroplanes and airports. Hand hygiene seems to be an issue in the UAE. Masks will not help if you touch something someone has coughed on.

Seems McKlaire, Abu Dhabi

My daughter’s school cancelled her trip to China. Prevention is better than cure.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

More people die in car accidents a day than this virus is responsible for. Stop panicking.

Cheryl Murray, Abu Dhabi

Updated: February 2, 2020 07:48 PM

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