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This is a new era indeed for women’s football

Our readers have their say on Iran, Spotify Lite and the cinema

The US women's team lifting the FIFA Women's World Cup Trophy in France. Alex Grimm / Getty Images
The US women's team lifting the FIFA Women's World Cup Trophy in France. Alex Grimm / Getty Images

I write in reference to your editorial World Cup marks the dawn of a new era in women’s football (July 8). This National editorial on the recent women’s World Cup and the victory of the US team, who are campaigning for equal pay, was well-written and encouraging to read. Just a few decades ago, women were actually barred by the English Football Association from playing the sport but in this extraordinary competition, they have shown the enduring value of the women’s game. Fortunately, they are being rewarded with a surge in popularity and interest. The US, meanwhile, have cemented their place at the top of the sport. Kudos to the American team for their wonderful performance.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Amid Iranian intransigence the west must show restraint

I write in reference to your article British capture of Iranian tanker won’t go unanswered, says Iran (July 11). The US and the UK should try to diffuse this tense situation. A peaceful solution to this problem should be sought with dialogue, as hostility will not benefit anyone apart from hardliners in Iran who insist they are under imminent attack. The region is tired of war and does not need another. Amid Iranian intransigence, western powers must show restraint.

Nazim Hasan Khan, India

Rave reviews for new Spotify Lite app in the UAE

I write in reference to your article Spotify Lite launches in the UAE – and it’s good news if you are running low on data (July 9). I am currently using it and I can confirm that it is great. You can download songs and then listen to them without internet or data.

Darren Banner, Abu Dhabi

Cinema staff need to crack down on chatting

I write in reference to your article Our resident Emirati film buff says we need to be quiet in the cinema (July 6). Last time I went to the cinema there was a group of people sat in two different rows who kept talking to each other, passing things back and forth and swapping seats. There is nobody to tell people like this that they are behaving poorly and I’m sure they wouldn’t have cared if any of the people in the cinema had pointed it out.

Samantha Attfield, Dubai

When I went to see Justice League recently, a couple had brought their five-year-old to the cinema. Suffice to say, when the action got a bit heavy, the child began to cry. I ended up sending an email to the management, who apologised. Still, they need to make sure stuff like this does not happen.

Rui Romão, Abu Dhabi

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