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There is a rot at the core of modern Indian farming

Readers discuss the Mena Olympics

A farmer walks through an areca nut farm in the village of Kuragunda in Karnataka, India. Prashanth Vishwanathan / Bloomberg
A farmer walks through an areca nut farm in the village of Kuragunda in Karnataka, India. Prashanth Vishwanathan / Bloomberg

I write in reference to your article India’s farming sector in need of real reforms (March 18): you are right to point out that loan waivers are not a long-term solution to India’s farming crisis. There is something radically wrong with the supply and demand model in food production, causing a sad trend to emerge. Because many farmers do not get an adequate return on their investment and effort, many have been driven to suicide. And yet, consumers are forced to pay more every year for produce, raising the question: who is pocketing the gains?

The answer is a supply chain of wholesalers and retailers, who also hoard produce to limit supply and boost prices. It is here that the government needs to be proactive. Ultimately, when the supply chain is shortened, the margins of middlemen will be squeezed. As a result, farmers will get better prices and consumers will not have to pay more each year for their produce.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Support Special Olympians who defy odds to compete

In reference to your article Top UAE swimmer defies doctor who said he would never amount to anything (March 15): the UAE will be cheering for you and waiting to give you a hero’s welcome when you return from competing in the Games.

Mariana De Carli, Dubai

Social media sites should ditch the hate speech

Please refer to your article Facebook blamed for spreading hate in Myanmar, Sri Lanka (March 17): the allegation that the popular social media site Facebook contributed to violence against Muslims in in Myanmar and Sri Lanka by not doing enough to snuff out hate speech and inflammatory posts is saddening. Social media sites are supposed to propagate positive messages and information to their users. Hate speech is a virus and Facebook – with its reputation still intact – should take steps to kill it.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

The spy poisoning has us all intrigued

In reference to your story Kremlin furious as Britain links Putin to ex-spy attack (March 16), I used to think Boris Johnson was a great guy but I have seen him say some very disturbing things since he became Foreign Secretary. I wouldn’t be so fast to blame Russia. These false flag events happen constantly and shape the world we live in.

Jason Smith, Australia

The Russian trolls are thick as flies today. Agitprop at its best.

Erik Plante, Abu Dhabi

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