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There has to be some balance with maids and mobile phones

Readers discuss maids, retrofitting buildings, bicycles, smoking and more

A housemaid hold a phone while at Dubai Mall with her sponsor. Pawan Singh / The National
A housemaid hold a phone while at Dubai Mall with her sponsor. Pawan Singh / The National

I refer to Maids have right to own mobile, but some employers disagree (October 29). I do not think that the employer should have the right to dictate what their employee does in their free time and the employer must be reasonable with what they stop that person doing during their working hours. As a mother of young children I do think smartphones should be limited for a nanny (and frankly myself) for the safety of the children who are being looked after. As in any profession, one is expected to be working and not surfing Facebook while "on the clock". There must be balance. Not allowing someone a phone at all, however, is crossing the line.

Suzanne Arruda-Wessel, Dubai

I want to ride my bicycle ... and I want to park it too

I was amazed to read your online story about the law on bicycles (Municipality goes after Abu Dhabi residents who chain their bikes to lamp posts, October 25). Bicycles can no longer be secured to poles in the city, so where can they be secured then? The city does not provide free bike parks and many workers can only afford a bicycle rather than a car. I suggest the municipality reconsider this regulation or provide free bike parks.

Name withheld by request

Complex arguments at play in Rohingya crisis

I write in reference to Bangladesh eyes sterilisation to curb Rohingya population (October 29). It is impossible for any country to feed, house and school hundreds of thousands desolate and very poor refugees.

Name withheld by request

Those who accuse should lose their right to anonymity

In reference to List of accused professors divides women campaigners (October 29). The accusers should be named. Staying anonymous and ruining someone's life is cowardly and devalues any accusation.

Brigitte Tibet von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

Who foots the bill for retrofitting buildings?

I refer to Regulator calls for collaboration in cladding upgrades (October 29). Who is paying for the upgrading of cladding? The developers who conformed to regulation at the time a building was finished or the current owners? The economics might be cheaper to pay higher insurance premiums than to upgrade a tower, but there is also a moral argument to consider about saving lives.

Frank Johansen, Dubai

Smoking is one thing, second-hand smoke is quite another

In reference to your story Warning as study shows some children smoke as early as 9 (October 29), I have no problem with people killing themselves, but no one else should have to. One of the worst things that happens here is someone else's smoke coming through the central air-conditioning ducts.

Mary Smith, Dubai

Celebrate, by all means, but clear up afterwards

I hope everyone had a lovely Diwali earlier this month. It’s such a beautiful celebration (Indians mark Diwali with food, lights and a festive spirit, October 19). What a shame, therefore, that the people who celebrated on the beach opposite Zayed Sports City left all their inflated balloons scattered over the water to add to the general mess that is discarded there every weekend by thoughtless people.

Name withheld by request

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