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The plight of children in Mosul should teach us a big lesson

Thousands became displaced after fleeing from ISIL grip. Ahmad Al-Rubaye / AFP
Thousands became displaced after fleeing from ISIL grip. Ahmad Al-Rubaye / AFP

I feel sad to see thousands of children across the Middle East deprived of their childhood, education and any possibilities for the future (Mosul’s children have ‘lost the ability to be children’, July 6).

Many of us complain about what we do not have. There are parents who feel sad when they cannot buy things for their children, be it a toy, a mobile phone, a fancy school bag or an expensive electronic device. Some resent not being able to go on vacation. Yet those who equate life’s fulfillment with material gain should think of these children and families.

We should not aspire to be like people who apparently have everything.

Rather, we should appreciate that we have much more than millions of people in this world.

Deep M, Abu Dhabi

Millennials are lauded, while the elderly are being shunned

I was sad to read the story Help the aged: More of Oman’s elderly are being abandoned (July 6).

This is happening not just in Oman, but all over the world. Media and society need to stop harping so much on the value of youth and showing them as the driving force behind everything that is positive.

Millennials are lauded, while the elderly are forgotten in many aspects of life.

Tanya Milbourne, Dubai

Youth want easy way out but delayed gratification is key

In reference to your story, Many pupils have ‘little intention’ of pursuing science or technology career (July 6), youth in the UAE are no different to youngsters in other countries. Instant gratification is the order of the day, but getting small tasks done incrementally will teach them life lessons.

Troy Patrick, Dubai

Service providers are failing to resolve billing issues

I refer to your news report, Du and Etisalat to offer refunds after suspending BeIN Sports packages (July 7).

I called my service provider but have received no refund thus far.

And what is with the new du billing system where you pay every 20 days? My billing date was the seventh of each month and has been moved forward to the 27th - and I get a disconnection warning if I don’t pay by the due date. Customer care has no answers to this issue.

Catherine Korb, Dubai

I was charged for ESPN for two years even after it was no longer available on Etisalat.

Effie Georgiadou-Ribott, Dubai

I recently got my bill from du and found that I was still charged for BeIn Sports. I am awaiting a reply from customer service.

Craig Reid, Dubai

Updated: July 8, 2017 02:32 PM