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The new mangrove boardwalk is a delight

Our readers have their say on Brexit, the boardwalk, safaris, healthy eating joints and detecting cancer early

The newly launched Mangrove Walk at Al Jubail Island. Antonie Robertson / The National
The newly launched Mangrove Walk at Al Jubail Island. Antonie Robertson / The National

With regard to Janice Rodrigues's report Abu Dhabi's Mangrove Walk is now open to the public (January 30): we just went for a look. It is fantastic but so busy. It was an ordeal to get out of the parking. Many people in saloons getting stuck in the sand. Be careful where you park if you're not in a 4x4.

Jo Cathrine, Abu Dhabi

This is going to be popular for a while. Let’s hope they stop scooters and bikes as this is not the place for them. Don’t get me started on electric scooters and the corniche. Anyway, lovely place to meander and be at one with nature.

Adam Tesdale, Abu Dhabi

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Annie Madden, Abu Dhabi

Let's hope for the best now that Brexit is a reality

This is with reference to Con Coughlin's column The choice of the British people to Brexit will be vindicated: I really hoped this day would never come and that it had all been a bad dream.

Colin Michell, Fujairah

Wild animals in the zoo aren't perfect, nor is the alternative

With regards to Patrick Ryan's report Elephant safari and gorilla sanctuary coming to Al Ain Zoo (January 30): if the choice is between poachers and a zoo, then a zoo will always win because extinction cannot be better than at least some form of biased preservation.

Rithhin Jawaahar, Abu Dhabi

Salad-crunching Emirati dad is an inspiration

With regard to Nick Webster's report UAE Portrait of a Nation: 40kg weight loss spurs Emirati dad into salad business (January 31): we have the restaurant Boga here in Saudi Arabia. They are doing a great job.

Haris Muzaffar, Jeddah

Survival rates: important to diagnose cancer at an early stage

With regard to Patrick Ryan’s story Abu Dhabi doctor believes UAE is ‘moving forward’ in fight against cancer (January 29): I appreciate the progress being made in the UAE but a 2 per cent drop in mortality rates doesn’t necessarily mean a drop in cancer rates. It could, and has in the past, meant an improvement in cancer detection and earlier diagnosis.

Although Dr Grobmyer states that the number of cancer patients will decrease mainly due to awareness of healthier lifestyles, cancer cases could also increase based on more people being screened and more accessible detection methods. Costs for treatment of early stage cancers is also lower than late stage cancers.

Education is the key to early detection and early detection is the key to survival. In the end cancer could become a chronic disease as opposed to a death sentence.

Wayne E Young, Abu Dhabi

Updated: February 1, 2020 08:09 PM

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