Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 20 June 2019

The new look of the newspaper is fantastic

Letters to the Editor

Some users have reported being able to use Skype. Asif Hassan / AFP
Some users have reported being able to use Skype. Asif Hassan / AFP

I love the new look of your newspaper and website. The colour theme is more powerful and the logo is attractive. Congratulations.

Fuad Tawmeh, Dubai

Your newspaper looks really nice. Keep it up. We would love to read more local news.

Saeed Ali, Abu Dhabi

Telecom companies must adapt to changing times

I am writing in response to the article, Uncertainty looms among Skype users in the UAE (July 2). Time and again, Etisalat and Du have failed to provide an alternative to expensive phone calls.What exactly are the “legal” and “licensed” options available for video calling here? The rest of the world has embraced VoIP technology, yet Etisalat and Du are worried about losing out financially, which is strange. Surely there’s a workable financial model that other telecom companies have adopted.

Samia Iftekhar, Dubai

I recently had a group Skype call. It works fine.

Salman Abdull Gani Shaikh, Dubai

Focus on driver education and enforce traffic rules

You’re absolutely correct when you state that driver education is essential (Road to safety is a bumpy ride, June 28). The standards of driving lessons and tests are quite low and there is no excuse for it. Start with proper driving institutes, where all instructors teach exactly to the same rules, without fail. After that, the authorities really need to start enforcing all traffic rules rigorously. On any long-distance trip, I see between 15 and 20 traffic violations, perhaps 25 per cent of them are serious. I have even witnessed traffic violations when a police car is alongside or close by.

Dave Pryce, Dubai

Build a pedestrian walkway across the highway. It is not complicated.

Robert Antonelli, Abu Dhabi

UAE a perfect example of a progressive nation

The more I hear about the policies of this country, the more I admire it (Non-Muslim couples to be able to marry and divorce through churches in UAE, July 2). Other countries in the region and beyond can follow the UAE’s example. At a time when the world seems to be getting increasingly intolerant to “others”, the Emirates is showing how people of different ethnicities and creed can live together in perfect harmony. This is what progress is all about. What a country really needs to make progress is not money, but a vision. It’s a rare commodity that this country’s leadership has. I consider myself fortunate to live here.

Adbul Majid, Abu Dhabi

Updated: July 2, 2017 07:35 PM