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The murder of an Iraqi poet is shameful and abhorrent

Our readers weigh in on mobile phones, the Pope and Iraq

Iraqi poet Alaa Mashzoub was shot dead in the Holy city of Karbala this month. Facebook. 
Iraqi poet Alaa Mashzoub was shot dead in the Holy city of Karbala this month. Facebook. 

I refer to your article Iraqi poet shot dead in Karbala (February 4). The murder of Alaa Mashzoub is shameful and abhorrent. In this fractured world, with conflict and pain all around, poets should be free to speak what is in their hearts. Suffice to say Iraq has a long way to go before it can be called a peaceful country.

Name withheld by request

Congratulations on your excellent papal coverage

May I congratulate The National on its truly superb reporting of the visit to the UAE of Pope Francis this week.

Your photographs are beautiful and will serve as great souvenirs of this historic visit for many years to come. May this occasion indeed help to channel some world peace. It is sorely needed today

Jane Bett, UK

Religions can work as extraordinary advocates for political peace and friendship in the world, and the Pope is well equipped to help foster it. Religions should be the binding forces that bring us all together and not a source of division, hatred and bigotry.

This is a landmark achievement by the UAE and will delight the one million Catholics living and working in the country, few of whom would have dared to dream they would see Pope Francis with their own eyes.

Name withheld by request

I am so proud of the UAE for hosting Pope Francis and arranging the mass at Zayed Sport City.

The UAE is home to a million Catholics and this marks the dawn of a new era for interfaith relations across the region.

It is an absolutely historic moment that represents the coming together of multiple faiths and, above all, the tolerance that the UAE celebrates this year.

Soraya Sikander, Ras Al Khaimah

With the arrival of Pope Francis, religious leaders are united in the UAE. If they can live in harmony and work together for the good of all, the entire world can and should do so as well.

Andre Champagne, Toronto

We need to make sure our children are protected online

I write in reference to your article Moral panic or major issue? Is screen time actually bad for you? (January 18). Today’s youth are true digital natives and society’s future tech enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, hiding within WiFi waves and cables are predatory, bullying, and abusive behaviours from would-be harmful sources.

Dangers are ever-present for youngsters who are not yet savvy enough to guard themselves against online threats. Children need to learn how to navigate safely online and how to identify and protect against dangers so safety becomes a part of their digital DNA.

Jennifer Johnston, San Francisco

Updated: February 5, 2019 07:08 PM