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The late comic book creator Stan Lee was a true Marvel

Our readers have their say on Stan Lee, Syria kidnappings, redback spiders and delivery riders

Stan Lee 's superheroes are beloved the world over. AP
Stan Lee 's superheroes are beloved the world over. AP

I write in reference to your excellent editorial Comic book creator Lee gave us hope in the face of darkness (Nov 14). It was a fitting tribute to this man’s talent and completely true.

The Marvel writer and editor who introduced to the world iconic characters such as ­Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man through his comic books is no more, but his legacy will live on.

Lee referred to his work as less important than doing something practical, like “building bridges”. However, that is exactly what he did. His creations are favourites of children and adults all around the globe.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Medic kidnappings in Syria are completely inhuman

I write in reference to your editorial Idlib medic kidnappings are a new low (Nov 11). The kidnapping of medical personnel is indeed inhuman and wretched. As rightly mentioned by you, the Syrian conflict has brought out the worst, and the country’s citizens deserve better.

Global leaders such as President Trump and President Putin should put their heads together to resolve this conflict, which has made the lives of ordinary people miserable.

They should intervene at the earliest available opportunity. What is the use of technological advances in digitisation and social media, if millions of human beings are dying in conflicts all around the world?

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Deadly spiders – a real-life horror from Down Under

I write in reference to your article Deadly redback spiders on the rise in the UAE – and they are biting (Nov 13). These creatures give a very ­painful bite. In Australia, where these creatures are native to, people who have been bitten are advised not to bandage the injury, as it will only increase the pain. Instead, they are told to apply ice to the wound and seek immediate medical help.

Anthony Edwards, Abu Dhabi

I do hope they haven’t followed us here from Australia.

Name and address withheld by request

New perspectives on the delivery driver debate

I had a few thoughts while reading your article Motorists hit back at danger driving claims by “menace” delivery bikers (Nov 12). First, restrict delivery zones to reasonable ranges to not endanger drivers on high-speed roads. Second, delivery bikes should not be allowed on main highways, such as Sheikh Zayed Road. Perhaps most importantly, though, restaurants should be monitored as to the number of deliveries made per hour by each rider. This would prevent riders being overloaded with orders and ensure that restaurants are sufficiently staffed to cope with deliveries.

Sherif Abaza, Dubai

I agree that these guys can be an issue, but quite a few drivers are too. I’ve been to 57 countries and this is the only one where I curse under my breath several times every commute.

John Taylor, Dubai

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