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The international community must put a stop to militancy in Afghanistan

Readers discuss the Kabul attack, the late Sheikha Hessa, VAT and online shopping

Afghan men carry the coffin of one of the victims of the bomb attack in Kabul, Afghanistan / Reuters
Afghan men carry the coffin of one of the victims of the bomb attack in Kabul, Afghanistan / Reuters

Regarding your story Kabul ambulance bomb kills at least 95, wounds 158 (January 27), coming after the attack on the Intercontinental hotel in Kabul, this is shocking and tragic and one of the worst attacks we have seen of its kind. It comes despite US security forces being present on the ground. It is high time the international community joins together to eradicate militancy by the Taliban and its affiliates for good and finally put an end to the Afghan crisis.

K Ragavan, India

Our condolences to the leadership on their loss

In reference to your article UAE leaders pay tribute to late Sheikha Hessa, mother of Sheikh Khalifa (January 28), it was very sad news to learn of the passing of the mother of the nation. My deepest condolences to Sheikh Khalifa, the Al Nahyan family and the citizens of the UAE. May her family have peace and solace.

Sadhia Noor Mohamed, Abu Dhabi

May her soul rest in peace. Heartfelt condolences to the grieving family.

Melanie Rose, Dubai

VAT needs careful monitoring to prevent overcharging

In reference to your story More than 3,500 complaints on first day of VAT, says Economy Minister (January 28), some stores have been increasing their prices and then charging the customer for VAT on top.

Virza Azzannur, Dubai

My car rental company increased my monthly rental by AED600 and then charged five per cent on top of the increased price. I will be getting in touch with the ministry to find out my rights.

Sam Anderson, UAE

All parties need to be at the table to find a way forward

I refer to your report Tillerson says US and Europe have begun work to fix Iran nuclear deal (January 27): I am not worried about America and Europe agreeing. However, without Iran at the table, they might as well be spending their time predicting who the Oscar winners will be instead.

John Francis, US

Extra charges are costing UAE online customers

In reference to your story VAT and customs tax on high-cost items from abroad deter UAE's online shoppers (January 27), by adding tax and regulations on top of existing ones, some expatriates will go back to their home country.

Nicolas Segurens, Abu Dhabi

I just buy when I’m travelling. Nothing that is nice to have is urgent so it is better just to wait until next time I’m abroad.

I have been doing this for years, regardless of tax.

The mark-up in the UAE has always been high, even before the introduction of VAT.

Most items sold in the UK are still much cheaper than in the UAE, even with the 20 per cent VAT added on.

This hasn’t changed my shopping habits at all.

Simon Williams, Dubai

Updated: January 28, 2018 07:49 PM