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The holy month is a joyous time of year in Abu Dhabi

Our readers have their say about Ramadan in Abu Dhabi, Gaza, and reclining seats

Muslims pray at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Christopher Pike / The National
Muslims pray at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Christopher Pike / The National

I write to you in reference to The National’s online video headlined Our team at The National rounds up different ways to greet each other during the holy month (May 5).

After having lived in Abu Dhabi for 16 years, I sadly will not be celebrating Ramadan in the UAE capital this month. The holy month is always a ­joyous time in Abu Dhabi, and its onset brings back happy memories. I wish ­everyone in the UAE a very warm ­“Ramadan kareem”. I really miss Abu Dhabi.

Zahida Shaffi, Rawalpindi

Ramadan is a time to reaffirm the key values of peace and love. We must learn how to be pure at heart again during this deeply holy time of year, ­instead of arguing about ­external things.

Name withheld by request

Stop the bloodshed in Gaza, Palestinians deserve peace

I write to you in reference to your editorial As missiles rain down on Gaza, hopes of a two-state solution are obliterated (May 5). It is heartbreaking to learn about the Israeli airstrikes in Gaza and I urge politicians everywhere to stop harming innocent people.

Residential areas should not become battlefields. Also, politicians often treat soldiers as disposable pawns, and do not value their lives. No one should die fighting for bloodthirsty politicians. God have mercy on the poor people entering Ramadan in Gaza with bombs falling from the sky.

Melanie Rose, Dubai

Airline companies should invest in better seating

I write to you in reference to Hayley Skirka’s article Recline or whine: the correct way for travellers to lean-back (May 4).

If the airlines want to reduce passenger tension, they should make economy-class seating more comfortable. It should not always be solely about cutting costs at the expense of passenger satisfaction.

Daniele Jones Keith, Abu Dhabi

I think Ms Skirka’s rule should be implemented on all flights. When you get on a plane, the seat in front of you will often come smashing down into your knees before the flight even has the time to take off. This just ruins the whole experience for me.

Sharon Hodgson, Manchester

If the seats were not so close together, this would not even be an issue. Airline companies need to be less greedy and

invest in better seating.

Name withheld by request

Updated: May 6, 2019 06:33 PM