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The future of work: we're all going to have to up our skill sets

Our readers have their say on the future of work, a yearning for children to be back home and the inspiration of leaders

Our career paths are continuously evolving, and if our skills don’t evolve, we will fall behind. Bloomberg
Our career paths are continuously evolving, and if our skills don’t evolve, we will fall behind. Bloomberg

Work will no longer be the same even after the virus has blown over

I write to you in reference to the Armen Sarkissian's op-ed AI and humans will co-exist, not compete, and AI will serve us, not the other way round (March 22): the future of work, which The National has covered regularly, is here already. Work will never be the same due to the unprecedented outcome of the virus the global community is facing. We need to prepare for it so our professional and social lives and those of our children are not put on hold again. The ability to use technology to perform more tasks remotely or in a virtual environment will need us to acquire new skills.

On another note, may I add that I am a loyal reader of The National, in particular the sections Letters to the Editor and Arts and Culture. I read them both online and purchase the paper on the weekends. The National is doing a terrific job. Keep it up and stay healthy and well.

Iraklis Andreakis,The Galleria Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi

Wish my daughter was home with me at this time

Regarding the National Editorial To combat the coronavirus, stay at home – it is the responsible thing to do (March 22): Personally, I am having a hard time. My children are scattered around the globe and I wish they were all by my side. The hardest thing is thinking about the one who was at university and now is stuck because she doesn’t want to catch the coronavirus on the plane or at an airport and infect her asthmatic mother. And because the borders are closed, she can't come home. So, I write this with the heaviest of hearts. I am trying to be patient. But yesterday, I hated the sun for shining.

Still, I know we are all in this together and as His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces says, we have been through worse and we will be stronger by the end of this.

So, with faith in our leaders, as a resident under their care, I ask in the humblest terms, please take care of us.

May all of us and our families be safe and our leaders stay healthy and strong. We need their care, strength and vision more than ever.

Maryam Ismail, Sharjah

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