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The death of seven children in a fire is just heartbreaking

Readers discuss the fatal fire in Fujairah, India-UAE relations, Turkey's offensive and more

Inside view of the house where seven Emirati children died of smoke inhalation on Monday. Pawan Singh / The National
Inside view of the house where seven Emirati children died of smoke inhalation on Monday. Pawan Singh / The National

I refer to your article Seven children from one family die in Fujairah house (January 22). It is really heartbreaking to lose seven children from the same family in one tragic incident. I offer my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. May God have mercy on the departed souls.

Musatapha Ahmad, Abu Dhabi

Fire drills can save lives

I refer to the article Dubai steps up building evacuation drills to prepare residents for potential fires (January 22). These are essential guidelines. There must now be a thorough evaluation of buildings. How many place are unsafe, with no security checks in place? Drastic action is required to ensure 100 per cent safety of residents. All buildings should be prepared to handle an emergency without the loss of life or property.

Ahmad Mumtaz, UAE

Modi's upcoming visit will strengthen UAE-India ties

In reference to your article Infrastructure investment tops Modi's agenda for UAE visit next month (January 20), the Indian prime minister's visit to the UAE next month will strengthen the relationship between the the two countries and create new opportunities in infrastructure investment projects. India and the UAE enjoy a longstanding bilateral relationship and Narendra Modi has developed a strong personal rapport with the UAE's leadership. The coming days will be beneficial for both countries.

K Ragavan, India

Tackling loneliness should be an urgent priority

I refer to your column Loneliness is a growing social problem. We must tackle this major public health concern (January 21): might the ban on Skype, or other means of communication, used to connect with family and friends be a contributory factor in the rise of loneliness?

David Blandford, US

Justin Thomas has written an excellent piece on the issue of loneliness. The UK government has shown great foresight in appointing a minister to deal with this emerging issue. Increasingly, young people across the world are chasing careers. They do not have time to build relationships. Advances in medical sciences have improved the longevity of human life. However, as age advances, everyone gets lonely in some measure. This could lead to depression, illnesses and even premature death so it is wise to start tackling the issue early and for society to develop support systems for the old and infirm. An aged acquaintance of mine in London gets weekly visits from social workers, who just come and chat to him to prevent him from becoming melancholic.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Turkish aggression is a threat to peace in the region

Regarding your story about the Turkish operation in Afrin targeting the YPG forces Mattis: Turkey alerted US before Syria operation (January 22), something must be done to stop Turkish aggression for the sake of peace in the region.

Womble Tomberg, Abu Dhabi

Updated: January 22, 2018 08:42 PM