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The culprits behind the body in a freezer should be found and punished

Readers discuss foreign domestic workers, noise pollution, fire safety and food wastage

Hundreds of Filipina workers are returning home from Kuwait in an amnesty after the body of a domestic worker was found in a fridge / AFP
Hundreds of Filipina workers are returning home from Kuwait in an amnesty after the body of a domestic worker was found in a fridge / AFP

I refer to your article Body of Filipina maid found in freezer flown home from Kuwait (February 16): it was very sad to read this story. It's especially painful to note that no one from the family suspected she was missing. I hope the culprits are found and given an exemplary punishment so that others might learn a lesson about how to treat those who move across the world to take care of their families.

Sammira Mohiadeen, Dubai

What sick people are behind this? Hell is not good enough for the people who abuse housemaids in this way.

Chika Marie, Abu Dhabi

This is completely disgusting.

Amrita Sethi, UAE

Children can be traumatised by noise pollution

In reference to your article Parents voice anger as Abu Dhabi school hit by deafening construction noise (February 18), the noise is really unacceptable. My son would have been traumatised as he is very sensitive to noise and things that make him think of earthquakes. Do children need these headaches in grade one?

Manda Baltus, Abu Dhabi

The anger of parents is understandable but surely a work-at-night permit for the construction would just cause more problems for the residents of the buildings surrounding the park?

Matthew Daniels, Abu Dhabi

India should get tough on fire safety measures

I refer to your article Indian wedding death toll rises to 18 (February 18): that a gas cylinder explosion at a hotel in the Indian state of Rajasthan caused 18 deaths is saddening. People who arrived at the wedding, a joyful occasion, walked into a disaster. Gas cylinder explosions are sadly very common because of a lack of adherence to safety standards. The compensation announced by the government, however large it may be, cannot bring back the loved ones of those grieving. This is truly a sad state of affairs.

K Ragavan, Bangalore

Organ donors are saviours

In reference to your article UAE's largest organ unit receiving calls 'every day' from prospective donors (February 18): all those involved in this endeavour are saving lives. May God bless the medical staff and the nurses, donors, recipients and their families.

Tracy Wilson, Abu Dhabi

Food wastage is simply wrong

With reference to your article Ideas to chew on: how to end food waste in Saudi Arabia (February 18), it will take a generation to change mentalities and appreciate that food wastage is wrong. It is simply wrong to throw away food and water.

Liliana Moisan, Romania

Backstreet Boys induce nostalgia for Dubai

With reference to your article Backstreet Boys to headline Blended festival in Dubai (February 19), never have I wanted to go back to Dubai more.

Aindrila Sen, Calcutta

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