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Teachers deserve our full respect and support

Our readers have their say about teachers, South Africa's new leader, Grumpy Cat and IM Pei

Teachers are increasingly leaving their profession. Leslie Pableo / The National  
Teachers are increasingly leaving their profession. Leslie Pableo / The National  

I write to you in reference to your editorial Our children's future depends on happy teachers (May 16). This piece does a good job at explaining the importance of teachers' contribution to society, especially in regards to our children's future. It is truly alarming that so many talented educators are tempted to leave the profession. This can only have a detrimental impact on the younger generation. The UAE already has plans to give teachers better pay so as to retrain talent. I do hope that this will no longer be an issue in the near future, and that teachers will be encouraged to stay in their profession.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

South African new leader has a long list of issues to solve

I write to you in reference to your article South African president vows to purge ANC of ‘bad tendencies’ (May 13). After 25 years of governance, the ANC is no longer able to lead the country in the right direction. South Africans are also getting fatigued by their leaders' incompetence. This is particularly obvious when you look at the polls. For the first time in decades, the ANC scored less than 60 per cent of the total votes.

Fifteen months after Cyril Ramaphosa took centre stage, the country is still in need of reforms.

Racial and religious tensions, growing wealth discrepancies, joblessness, economic decline, profligacy, cadre deployment, all these pressing concerns must be addressed by South Africa's new leader.

A R Modak, Johannesburg

Farewell Grumpy Cat, you will be missed

I write to you in reference to you article Grumpy Cat, whose scowl launched a million memes, dies age 7 (May 17).

I actually think Grumpy Cat looks very cute with that frown on his face. I will miss him very much.

Raj Jheeta, Al Ain

I think this poor cat must have had a very difficult and stressful life. After becoming an internet sensation, Grumpy Cat had to go to a myriad of events, shows, photoshoots and whatnot when he was unwell in the first place. I believe this poor creature was exploited from the very beginning, just so that his owner could make money.

Shaheen Hamadani, UK

IM Pei is a true legend, his legacy will never be forgotten

I write to you in reference to Sophie Prideaux’s article IM Pei, architect behind Louvre pyramids, dies age 102 (May 17).

His creative mind will certainly be missed all over the world. Nowadays, architects are not as brilliant as they used to be.

David Martinez de Castro, Abu Dhabi

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