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Supermarkets should reduce the high-fat foods they sell

Our readers have their say about unhealthy eating, the UN compact on migration and Vijay Mallya

Sugary, high-fat foods are everywhere. Chris Whiteoak / The National
Sugary, high-fat foods are everywhere. Chris Whiteoak / The National

I write in reference to your article We must act now to limit the harm of sugar consumption (December 9): I will continue to hold supermarkets and other outlets responsible.

Putting to one side the preventative measure of parents and children learning how to read the ingredients on food and drink packets, why are supermarkets selling such unhealthy products in such vast quantities?

In most of the places I have visited, I am dismayed to realise that there are no low-fat options, only high-fat ones.

What hope can we have of increasing health awareness when sugary and fatty foods surround us everywhere we go?

Matthew Litty, Dubai

Even fairly innocuous school lunches now include juices packed with added sugar and carbohydrates.

Beverly Newell, Ras Al Khaimah

I think changes must be made in the home. Replace juices with water and substitute natural fruits and vegetables for sweets and candies.

Youmbu Seba, Abu Dhabi

We need to look at the root causes of migration flows

I refer to your article First UN agreement on migration adopted in Morocco despite withdrawals (December 11): the UN would do well to turn its attention to the nations that are sources of migrants to other countries.

Trying to stop the flow of migrants themselves is like fighting the symptoms of a problem without addressing the causes.

Many of the migrants and refugees crossing the Mediterranean are fleeing from danger, war and economic decline.

Effective diagnosis of these problems in countries could lead to preventive and remedial measures and stem migration flows.

Name withheld by request

Vijay Mallya’s loss is Narendra Modi’s gain

I write in reference to your article India’s king of good times loses extradition battle (December 11): this article was good to read.

Vijay Mallya was defeated in his attempt to evade extradition and remain in the UK.

But his loss is Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s gain, after he made it his mission to bring Mr Mallya back to India to account for his past default loans to many banks.

In the past, the business tycoon enjoyed a good life but now his troubles have deepened further. Whether he wins in this battle by appealing to the compassion of the judiciary remains to be seen.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Compassion is dead in Machiavellian politics

I refer to your article Fake US vaccine scheme to catch Bin Laden was ‘huge mistake’ (December 10): politicians are sadly immune to pity and compassion. These words are quite simply not in their lexicon.

Their only role model is Machiavelli and their only mantra is: “The ends always justify the means”.

Name withheld by request

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