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Starvation should never be used as a weapon

Readers discuss Syria, pulling planes, Louvre Abu Dhabi and more

A reader writes about the desperate situation at work in parts of Syria. Omar Sanadiki / Reuters
A reader writes about the desperate situation at work in parts of Syria. Omar Sanadiki / Reuters

I refer to your online story Syrian government using starvation as “weapon of war” (November 14). This is a war crime. We should not use food, water, medicines and other basic amenities as a weapon to tame your enemies or opponents.

Mohammed Farhad, Dubai

Not just cracking cases, but pulling planes

Your online report Police drag Emirates A380 to set world record for Dubai Fitness Challenge (November 9) was a great read. Dubai police set a record earlier in the fitness challenge and now a group of police officers have beaten the previous record by pulling an Airbus A380 weighing 302 tonnes. The authorities have proved that they are not only capable of investigating cases but also of pulling a powerful aircraft. Kudos to them.

Name withheld by request

Cancer treatment costs needs careful consideration

In reference to your editorial Cancer treatment costs often a double blow to patients (November 13) was powerful. Cancer is one of today's greatest threat, not only in the UAE but also globally. Early detection will help the patient get appropriate treatment and allow him or her the possibility of living a normal life. The Government and health authorities should make the cost for treatment affordable. I am confident that the country will consider the cost factor and find a solution that suits all parties. This article was well presented.

K Ragavan, India

Your video of Louvre Abu Dhabi was wonderful

In reference to your video Watch: Building of Louvre Abu Dhabi captured in stunning eight-year time-lapse video (November 12). It is hard to believe that is the same Saadiyat island where I used to spend time before I went offshore.

Bob Myerscough, United Kingdom

As ever, helping hands was heart-breaking

I refer to your story UAE Helping Hands: Accidental acid spill leaves scars and Dh70,000 bill (November 12). I don’t understand how he is uninsured? Surely if his family is here on a work visa his workplace has to give him basic medical insurance.

Nashwa Hamad, Sharjah

Mindfulness needs to be taught to parents as well

Robert Matthews’s piece Mindfulness in the classroom – how does it measure up? (November 12) was thought-provoking. A child should be protected. They should not need to be taught adult coping mechanisms. More security in their lives is what they need.

Andrew Harris, United Kingdom

More parents need to be actual parents instead of passing on the responsibility to others. Kids need love and attention from their parents.

Vijay Ramburuth, India

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