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Social media can have a positive influence

Readers discuss social media, rubbish, financial malpractice and the Nissan Patrol

Social media's influence doesn't have to be negative, writes one reader. Getty Images
Social media's influence doesn't have to be negative, writes one reader. Getty Images

I write in reference to the most recent column by Justin Thomas, My social media timeline is full of war-zone footage followed by cute kittens. That can’t be healthy (March 11).

I agree partly with your argument, but if we do not know of areas facing tragedy, we cannot help them.

Social media campaigns are necessary for some humanitarian efforts. The world does not become a happy place simply because you are spared the footage.

The tragedy of war, often man-made, needs to be exposed in social media in order to muster humanitarian assistance.

Now, of course, what we should be looking at is the agenda behind the posts, because some are merely propaganda. Some people, for instance, have tried to discredit the White Helmets. You would have to ask why they are doing this.

Adriana Jansen, Dubai

Rubbish gets dumped all over the place, not just the beach

In reference to your online article Watch: Public Services cleaner caught dumping rubbish on RAK beach (March 11), what about the hundreds of people who picnic, barbecue, lay around the desert and leave tons of refuse behind them when they go home? These people should be heavily fined. If you bring it, you should take it away with you as well.

Cecilia Zapata, Dubai

War, terrorism and extremism are Libya’s terrible triple curse

I write regarding your news story on recent developments in Libya (US quietly increasing air strikes on ISIL in Libya, March 10). War, terrorism and extremism destroy nations. In Libya, we can see the utter destruction, and it is saddening.

Where there was once beautiful buildings, schools, hospitals, shops, mosques and parks, today there is only destruction. When will humans understand that tolerance, respect and co-existence are required for peace? We all have love in our hearts. It’s about time we practised it.

Asyah E Meel, Abu Dhabi

A significant anniversary is marked this month

As Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, heads to Washington, it is worth remembering that the US discovered oil in Saudi Arabia in March 1938, 80 years ago this month.

Fred Johnson, Dubai

Through diplomacy, India and France can grow closer

Please refer to your article India and France sign Indian Ocean security accord (March 11). Emmanuel Macron’s recent visit to India strengthens the crucial bilateral relationship between the two countries in the spheres of security and the Indian Ocean area. I hope in the coming years the bond between India and France will grow even stronger.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

A favourite on our roads should be available to all

In reference to your recent road test of the 2018 Nissan Patrol Nismo (March 10): I wish these cars were available in the US.

JP Pedde, United States

The long road ahead for victims of financial misselling

In reference to your story on financial malpractice (Investors pursue Dubai rogue adviser in court, March 10), who knows what the estimated losses will turn out to be? I think those who have lost money will be interested to find out how they could recoup this money if the civil case succeeds. This process is at the very beginning of its journey.

Name withheld by request

Updated: March 12, 2018 06:24 PM