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Show business and politics shouldn't really mix

Readers discuss politics, fog, Qatar and more

A sign reading "Oprah For President" is seen atop a building in downtown Los Angeles. Robyn Beck / AFP
A sign reading "Oprah For President" is seen atop a building in downtown Los Angeles. Robyn Beck / AFP

I refer to Rashmee Roshan Lall's op-ed First Rajinikanth, now Oprah: name recognition alone should not prepare you for public office (January 16). Ms Lall elaborately explains the history of personality politics in both the US and India. Is Rajinikanth, despite his decades-long film career, millions of fans and stated intentions to eradicate corruption, really an acceptable figure in politics? People's political choices tend to be different from their film choices. This was a meaningful and thought-provoking article.

K Ragavan, India

Driving without lights in a fog endangers others

I refer to your article Pro tips for driving in the fog (January 16). It is about time something like this was published. I watched countless invisible white cars driving out of Al Reef on a recent morning with no lights on.

Martyn White, Abu Dhabi

Mobilising an international response to Qatar

In reference to your online article, Gargash: Response to Qatar intercepting UAE planes will be 'balanced and legal' (January 17), I'm looking forward to the tough UN response in support.

Rob Weber, Dubai

Bigger muscles means smaller wallets thanks to VAT

I refer to your online article, VAT Q&A: Should I pay VAT on a health club membership I paid for last year? (January 16). The answer is yes because one of the articles stipulates that tax is due when the good or service is delivered beyond January 1 and not when it’s invoiced or paid. So if an invoice is issued on December 10, 2017 but the service is delivered in January then VAT is due.

Nicola Siotto, Dubai

There is another reason why India and Israel are close

I write in reference to Faisal Al Yafai's column Israel's hopes of a brothers-in-arms relationship with India are flawed (January 17). Benjamin Netanyahu is the first Israeli prime minister to visit India in 15 years. Clearly Israel values India as a friend and ally, even though India did not back Israel over Donald Trump's Jerusalem decision. India and Israel are signing a number of agreements pertaining to cooperation in many areas like agriculture, industry, defence and information technology. However, the most important agreement India must have with Israel is in the area of co-operation between their respective intelligence agencies.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Updated: January 17, 2018 07:40 PM