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Selina Denman is right: stop asking women when they plan to have kids

Our readers have their say on having children, tabloids, help groups and digital ads on taxi windows

Anne Curtis-Smith is tired of the media asking her when she plans to have a family. Getty Images 
Anne Curtis-Smith is tired of the media asking her when she plans to have a family. Getty Images 

I write to you in reference to Selina Denman’s opinion piece Please stop asking when I plan to have kids. It’s absolutely none of your business (October 5).

It is a cultural thing. I have had my doctor tell me I should have kids because I am not working.

God forbid I have other plans, such as travelling, saving money, and making memories with my husband.

Patricia Cooksey, Abu Dhabi

British tabloids truly have no respect for the royal family

I write to you in reference to Ashleigh Stewart’s piece Prince Harry launches phone hacking lawsuit against British tabloids (October 5).

When will these tabloid writers ever learn? Phone hacking is an invasion of privacy and a royal one at that.

Where is the respect and honour for Britain’s royalty? I hope these tabloids get what they deserve.

Adebayo George-Lawal, London

Group for teachers having a hard time is a good way to get help

I write to you in reference to Patrick Ryan’s piece UAE Portrait of a Nation: teacher set up a network for troubled colleagues (October 3).

I have been living here for eight years and this is the first I've heard about this group, although it was created three years ago. It sounds like something that could help out newbies.

Beverly Newell, Ras Al Khaimah

Good for him. He took a risk by speaking out about the challenges teachers face here but this is a wonderful initiative.

Chris Murphy, UAE

Digital adverts on taxi windows are a recipe for road accidents

I write to you in reference to your news item Coming to a Dubai taxi near you: digital adverts on windows (October 5).

Sure, let’s add some more bright flashing distractions to our driving experience.

There are already too many blindingly bright LED billboards that prevent us from seeing the road ahead clearly.

This new invention will only make things worse.

Neil Bezuidenhout, UAE

These digital adverts on taxi windows will only create more distractions that might cause road accidents.

There are already enough distractions and bad drivers out there.

Jeff Steckly, Abu Dhabi

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