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Seems like some people just need an excuse to abandon their pets

Our readers have their say on keeping the mangroves clean, crossing the desert, Arab singers and being careful about which plane you get on

A dog wears a paper cup over its mouth on a street in Beijing on Tuesday. AFP
A dog wears a paper cup over its mouth on a street in Beijing on Tuesday. AFP

With reference to Gillian Duncan's report Coronavirus: UAE pet owners consider abandoning animals over unfounded fears of infection (February 5): some people just don’t have a clue and believe everything they read on the internet. Wait and watch as people use this as an "excuse" added to the already long list of pathetic excuses for abandoning their pets.

Emma Schlegel, Dubai

Do they abandon their kids when they get chickenpox then? There's no cure for stupidity.

Jenny Carthy Moore, Dubai

Why are people so ready to abandon pets? Is this just an excuse as the animal is past the cuteness stage? A pet is part of the family.

Mandy Peden, Dubai

I'm a teacher and I was absent last week due to a reaction to a vaccine and felt the need to message parents to be sure they know I don't have coronavirus.

Beverly Newell, Dubai

Arab singing talent that more people need to know about

With reference to Saeed Saeed's piece Why Majida El Roumi is one of the Arab world’s most important artists (February 6): love her. Her voice is crystalline and expressive, and the music is so elegant and majestic. She and Mohammed Abdu are a world apart, the last two representing the old style of Arabic music.

Gianmaria Vidale, Abu Dhabi

I am an American expat and I won't trash-talk my president while on foreign soil

With reference to Layla Mashkoor’s piece Donald Trump's State of the Union address: Key developments (February 5): I’m an American living as an expatriate in this country, and I love this country and consider it my second home. However as an American, I’m proud of my country. And I refuse to trash-talk any American president while I'm on foreign soil. I believe in keeping my comments in my own country.

Ronda Roylance Seeley, Abu Dhabi

Plane speak: going to have to check more than just the airline before booking

With reference to your report Three dead and 179 injured as Pegasus jet skids off Istanbul runway (February 6): going to have to start seeing what planes we're flying these days. Looks like it's yet another Boeing 737.

Mohamed Ehsan, Abu Dhabi

This is so worrying. My daughter is supposed to fly with them in June. I'm very concerned.

Sally Barnes, Dubai

Let's take steps to keep the mangroves clean

With reference to Janice Rodrigues's piece Jubail Mangrove Park is finally open, so now can we please keep it clean? (February 6): an entrance fee will solve this problem to a certain extent as it will filter random visitors. Also, more security guards are needed. And fines for people who don’t comply with the regulations. It’s an amazing place to visit but only for the ones who respect nature. For the rest, go to the park and make a barbecue.

Valentina Mircheva, Abu Dhabi

As far as achievers who crossed the desert go …

With regards to Haneen Dajani's story Dubai resident becomes the first man to cross Empty Quarter alone (February 4): this can't be true as Bedouin have been doing it forever.

Nasser Al Kharusi, Abu Dhabi

Updated: February 8, 2020 06:15 PM

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